Five Things I Love About You (Chase Brothers #1)

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“…hilarious.”Shelly on GR

“Crosby was sooo droolworthy.”Michelle on GR

“Pickles. Boobs. Smokin’ hot man body.”Melissa on GR

“…had me laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.”Niki on GR

“…so many one line favourites that this reader couldn’t pick one.”Talking Books on GR


Five things to love about NYC. But she only needs one…

California landscape artist Estelle Donovan hates big cities. Between the grime, the smell, all the drab concrete, and the suffocating summer heat, how can anyone breathe? Housesitting her brother’s New York apartment, complete with broken elevator and smoking air conditioner, is her kind of hell. It’s only for two weeks, though. What could possibly go wrong?

Dumping a jar of pickles on the hot girl at the grocery store wasn’t Crosby Chase’s finest hour, nor was getting bitten in the butt by the demonic cat on her fire escape. But he is going to change her mind about his beloved city, damn it. In fact, if they could just make it five minutes without falling into bed, he bets Estelle he can find five things she’ll love about New York.

Falling in love wasn’t part of his plan. And with an entire country between them, Crosby realizes he doesn’t need five reasons to make Estelle love New York.

He needs one big reason to make her stay…

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  • Author: Sarah Ballance
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Lovestruck)
  • Release Date: August 17, 2015
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-63375-337-2
  • Available format(s): ebook, paperback


He rolled over, taking her with him without breaking a single point of contact, then reluctantly relinquished his hold on her breast so she could straighten. She straddled him, fully impaled, and with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin, started riding him at such a coy, measured speed that he just knew she was fucking with him.

“You think you can do that to me,” she said, “and expect me to take over up here?”

“That’s kind of my point,” he argued. Probably against his best interest. “I did that to you. Figured I earned a moment of respite.”

“If you want respite, I can just…” She moved one leg like she was headed for a dismount.

He closed his hands on her legs and locked her down. Nope. “You can just ride me,” he ordered. “Hard.”

She flattened her hands on his abdomen, then traced a fingertip across his chest. And made no move whatsoever toward speed. He kicked up his hips a little, nudging up the momentum.

She smiled, all smoky blue eyes and flushed skin, as she sweetly braced herself and foiled his efforts. Her blonde, sweat-darkened hair hung in soft waves.

“You look amazing,” he said. “Especially like this.”

“Just like this? Because I thought you wanted a little more action.” She increased her speed just a little, but it was a Richter scale kind of difference, with each uptick of intensity measuring ten times the one before it.

He moved his hands to her hips and plied her into the fast lane. “Until it cripples you,” he said.


“Will be,” he sputtered. Because she’d kicked it into overdrive, sliding back and forth in short bursts, grinding against him, driving him hard from every angle at once. The explosive friction between their bodies made an unbearable contrast to her heat. He was buried, balls deep, in an inferno. She was wet, her skin hot and slick, her hair flinging all over the place while she worked him like she had a road map to his fucking soul.

The edges of his vision darkened, and for a brief moment, he wondered if the sun had imploded. Then he realized it was him. Radio static crackled in his ears. He was somehow numb and at once blissfully aware of the pleasure that roared through him while he involuntary jerked like a fire hose. He prayed the latex would hold under the force of his orgasm. Prayed he’d survive. And considering her inevitable departure, prayed he was wrong about what she’d done to him.


Even though he knew damn well it was the truth.

And he wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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