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48hrUSAToday The Millionaire's Gamble - Sarah Ballance - Entangled Publishing ONwtB_Zodiac_500 TheMarriageAgenda_500    GotB_recover_500




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 RUBY HILL 500x700

8 thoughts on “Books & Excerpts”

  1. I won these two today via Coffe time romance and I cant wait to read them 😉 thanks 😉


  2. Wow…Hawthorne looks intriguing!
    I gotta get on reading your stuff; I just wish my much-abused bank account would keep pace with my TBR list 😛
    P.S. Have a biscuit!

    • Oh, my GOSH. J.S., you are bound and determined that I never work again, aren’t you? No fair sending me into hysterics like this during my writing time! ROFLMAO! (There’s a story behind the biscuits, folks. We’re not as crazy as we look.)

  3. Sez you! 😛
    Sorry, I’ll be good. (Leaves a tureen of cream gravy on the way out)

  4. The new layout looks great!!!!

    I had a biscuit this morning with honey butter. lol I’ll tell ya about that later.

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