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pumpkin carnage, my house 2014

pumpkin carnage, my house, 2014

I love fall. So freaking much. There’s something about that cool, crisp air that breathes life. It’s as much “spring” to me as spring is, but better. It’s brand new sweatshirts that couldn’t be softer, or that first night where burrowing into a warm bed feels just right. It’s hot chocolate piled with marshmallows, or melted chocolate s’mores over an open flame. It’s the harvest and cold, clear nights. It’s leaves jolted from their branches with every stiff breeze to thicken the air with explosive color and the joyful noise they make crunching underfoot. It’s hayrides and haunted houses and the return of American Horror Story. It’s…pumpkin everything.


Yes, I said nope.

As much as I love fall, I shudder over the trend to let’s-make-everything-edible-pumpkin-flavored. I do love pumpkin pie and homemade pumpkin cheesecake is amazing, but pumpkin coffee? And creamer? And pumpkin frappuccino? (My daughter came home with that little gem this evening. I tried it. And as I said, NOPE.) There’s pumpkin spice latte in the machine at 7-11. There’s pumpkin everywhere. And I won’t drink it.


I don’t know if it’s my ongoing goal to not drink calories (which is a plan that suffers mightily when warm drinks come back in season) or if I’m just a bit of a pumpkin grinch, but I’ll take them by the truckload in my yard. My cup? Not so much. I don’t know if pumpkin rum is a thing, but even if it is, I won’t drink it.

Not. Even. The. Rum.

So while I dig into today’s new releases, you can bet there won’t be any pumpkin in my cup. Or my shot glass. Which takes us straight to Vegas, and my new release, GAMBLING ON THE BODYGUARD. (I didn’t plan that little segue, but it totally happened, didn’t it?)

What’s your favorite fall drink? (It’s okay. You can say pumpkin.)

Brand new TODAY…

GamblingOnTheBodyguard_1600A What Happens in Vegas Novel from Entangled Lovestruck


He’ll guard her body all night long…

Ski instructor Ellie Montgomery hits Vegas during a romance convention to meet the man of her dreams…only, the man of her dreams isn’t the cover model she’s there to see. He’s the hot-as-sin bodyguard who catches her sneaking in the back door of a meet-and-greet, and he seems more than ready to do what it takes to prove he’s twice the man her pretty boy crush could ever be.

Jax Mathis couldn’t resist snagging a date with Ellie, but he didn’t count on the attraction being more than physical. They connect on a level he didn’t think possible—and he can’t run fast enough. She makes him want things he thought he’d never have, and maybe, just maybe, they’re within reach. But to have it, he’ll have to face the one mountain he swore he’d never climb…and with no guarantee she’ll be waiting on the other side.

Find it @ Entangled PublishingAmazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Google Play | ARe | Goodreads | paperback coming soon

  • Author: Sarah Ballance
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Lovestruck)
  • Release Date: October 12, 2015


Ellie came to Vegas for an exclusive meet and greet with a cover model, but Jax intervened…and he’s challenging everything she thought she knew about her so-called ideal man.

A corner of Jax’s mouth tipped. He invaded Ellie’s space just a little, and her body begged for her to throw the white flag of surrender, to fall against that wall of man and find out if he was hard all over. Everywhere but his lips…they appeared soft. Sensual. And they oh-so-sensually curved into a smile.

“Suppose I agree to this,” he said, his voice husky with bedroom tones. Blue eyes devoured her, and in that moment she desperately wanted his lips to do the same. Her breathing grew shallow with anticipation and nearly stopped when he toyed with the tips of her hair, tugging gently. When his fingertips traced her spine, she bit back a gasp. Her eyes fluttered closed before she could make the effort to stop them. When he spoke, his deep voice rumbled dangerously close to her ear. “What happens when you realize I’m right?”

With him that close, she couldn’t see straight, much less string together syllables. “Right…about…what?”

A grin touched his lips, his words tearing through her. “He may be pretty, Colorado, but are Focker’s hands rough? Can he work them inside you until your knees give out? Until you can’t breathe?” He let the suggestions hover. Wreck her. “When you lie in your bed tonight, wanting someone to touch you, are you going to think about him posing on the front of a damned book cover, or are you going to think of me?”

Oh, dear God. Would she ever stop thinking of Jax? Was that even an option? And what the hell was happening here? Desire devoured her. She was dizzy. She didn’t need to give a second’s consideration to answer his question. There was only one answer, and he knew it. “You.”

She expected triumph to shape his face, but it didn’t. If anything, he turned more serious. Ice blue eyes regarded her, their intensity deepening. His hand rested lightly on her back. Too lightly. She wanted him to haul her against him, to make good on any one of those promises. To teach her firsthand what those undoubtedly talented fingers could do.

But not yet.

“I’ll be thinking of you,” she repeated, a little stronger this time. “But if you don’t let me meet Willie Focker, I won’t be thinking of what you can do with your fingers, but where I want to put my foot.” She grinned as his faded.

“Put your money where your mouth is, Jax Mathis. If you’re a real man, prove it.”

Want more? To read the entire first chapter for free, visit me @ Entangled Publishing.