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Where the heck have I been? Writing ALL the books, a’ course! It’s pretty much the best reason to be MIA, but I’m going back to weekly updates and hoping to resurface on social media. Or surface at all. I never really got moving on some platforms, but I’ve got some great ideas and I’m excited to move forward with them.


My last release was all the way back in October as the third and final book in my Sins of Salem series for Entangled Scandalous. The Salem witch trials, Puritans, and…sex? Yes, it happened. Maintaining historical accuracy was a beast. The fact that it didn’t exactly vibe with most of what I’d learned in school made it…interesting. Anyway, more irons in the fire.

GAMBLING ON THE BODYGUARD releases in September as part of the What Happens in Vegas multi-author series on Entangled Lovestruck. ONE NIGHT WITH THE BILLIONAIRE also releases in September, this as part of the Men of the Zodiac multi-author series for Entangled Indulgence. I’ll have links for more information as they become available.

FIVE THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU is the first book in the Chase Brothers series. It releases August 18 on the one year anniversary of THE MARRIAGE AGENDA, which is also my late grandfather’s birthday. Perfect release day! The remaining four (!!) books in the series will release through summer of 2016, while book one will be up for preorder soon.

And finally, those of you who adore Knox from THE MARRIAGE AGENDA might be pleased to know I have an new series coming from Entangled Indulgence. The Mad, Bad Hamiltons focus on Knox’s cousins, three ruthless bad boy millionaire types who are brought to their knees when the right heroine comes along.

SEE? I’ve been busy. *blinks innocently*


Debut author Sarah Andre blew me away with LOCKED, LOADED, AND LYING. It’s a must read, and you can read the first chapter for free at Entangled Publishing. I didn’t know Sarah before I read this book, but I had to email her when I finished so I could tell her how amazing it was. I’ve since learned that she’s just as amazing as her book and is definitely an author to discover.

I’m also SO excited to have Christine Warner’s new release in my hot little hands. Christine is the one who told me I needed to write for Entangled, which has been a life changer for me. It seems like yesterday we were talking about the plot for this book, and now A FRIENDLY ENGAGEMENT has released from Entangled Select, and you can read the first chapter for free. She writes beautifully…her book won’t disappoint.

That’s it for today, but I hope to have some something pretty for you next week. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, especially after such a drought, and don’t forget to sign up for my (infrequent) newsletter for the chance to win some pretty cool stuff. I hope to see you there!

XOXO, Sarah