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After visiting some awesome places – Moab/Arches in Utah, Vegas, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Sunset Crater Volcano – we are making a stop in Texas then heading home. But first…more from Arizona and New Mexico, then on to the deep south (from where I have almost no photos because we crossed most of it in the dark, lol).


The view alongside I-40 in Arizona. This is some of the flattest land we’ve seen in quite some time!


Arizona from I-40.


Still in Arizona and still on I-40 and is that…green? And boy, does that road go on forever!


I-40 in Arizona. Every now and then we fell into one of these gully-type sections of road, then we were back up and the view went on forever.


And then there were these, LOL. It’s almost dizzying how these appear from nowhere. (That exit sign, by the way, has one of my book titles on it!) Still on I-40 in Arizona.


Very cool, unusual rocks along I-40 in Arizona just west of the New Mexico line.


Welcome to New Mexico!


New Mexico along the I-40 corridor.


Note the train entering this picture from the right. We saw more trains along I-40 in Arizona and New Mexico than I’ve seen anywhere in my life. Multiple trains at once, many with cars stacked 2 high, really gave the kids something to talk about.


I never did figure out if this was a cloud or smoke, but it’s really cool how it lounges on that mountain. We’re still in New Mexico on I-40.


…and now we’re in Texas. This was a creek, and we’re on a bridge. There’s not a drop of water to be found, and this scenario repeated itself over and over and over again. We’re now heading south from Amarillo toward Dallas-Fort Worth.


This is typical of the very small Texas towns we drove through on 287 south between Amarillo and the Dallas area.


Hello, Forth Worth, Texas. Now wait for it…

IMG_1000Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia! Can you tell the difference? Me either, LOL.

IMG_0971This was the weather we “enjoyed” on the home stretch. It rained on our very first day of traveling and on our very last, and everything in the middle was amazing. (Even that 107 degrees in Death Valley, because who wants to go to Death Valley and say it was only 85 degrees? LOL.) These flags are part of the famed Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

IMG_0902This picture was taken in Texas, but I thought it was a fitting closing image for our road trip that literally took us across the United States and back, through 20 states and over 6,000 miles. From the Eisenhower tunnel, elevation 11,658 feet, to Badwater Basin at 282 feet below sea level and from 29 degrees in Vail, CO to 107 degrees in Death Valley, CA, this country is an experience in contrasts, each one more unforgettable than the last. If you ever have a chance to see it from the road, take it. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life. 🙂

If you’ve missed a day or simply want to revisit one, here’s the entire trip at a glance. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey…I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride!