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Photos just can’t touch the enormity that is the Grand Canyon. Even after driving cross country through that changing landscape, each mile seemingly more vast than the one before it, the size of the Grand Canyon is nearly beyond comprehension. Even though photos don’t do it justice, I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse of one of the most remarkable sights the southwest has to offer.

The Grand Canyon

IMG_0228This photo is from Mather Point, which is near the west entrance on the south rim. The north rim offers a less spectacular view than the south so it tends to be less crowded, plus lodging and food services are closed for the winter months, which naturally cuts down on the amount of visitors.


About 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year, and while the greater concentration of the traffic occurs during the summer months, that breaks down to an average of 13,699 a DAY, and the north rim only accounts for 10% of those visits.


I am zoomed way in on this one. This is the Colorado River at the bottom of of the Grand Canyon. It’s remarkable that this little ribbon of water created the landscape you see before you. (Actually it’s borderline ridiculous, but I believe them. LOL.)

IMG_0264Yep, that little bit of water did all this. Just…wow.


The sun sinking low over the Grand Canyon.


I love this one with the bird soaring over the canyon. I wish I had a little less sky in it but it’s HARD to capture an image like this. Sneaky little suckers, they are!


The family at the Grand Canyon.


This breaktaking sight goes on in three directions as far as the eye can see.


Standing on the south rim looking northeast.


Here’s another one of my bird pictures. 🙂


We drove in on AZ-64 and followed it east along the south rim. Here,the views are less “traditional” but are no less stunning.


Look at these little beauties! This just made my day.


My two boys absolutely insisted I take a photo of them where it looked like they were falling into the Grand Canyon. Problem was, most places there was no way to do that without them actually dangling over the side. I wasn’t too happy about THIS spot, but I relented and they got their pictures. Here’s one…


…and there’s the other. *shakes head at boys*


This little guy met us at the Tusayan ruins. His actual size is about that of my outstretched hand.


This is the Desert Watchtower. It’s not actually old – just built to look that way. It overlooks the Grand Canyon.


This is the eastern end of the south rim road. That’s the mighty Colorado River, which averages 300 feet wide throughout the park. It looks so much smaller down there!


Here’s another bird photo, but the background isn’t very exciting. LOL.


As the road occasionally winds away from the canyon, we’re treated to one amazing view after the next.


Even the rocks closest to you are so, so far away. It’s hard to grasp just how far you can see here, so let me throw some numbers at you. The Canyon is about a mile deep and averages about ten miles across, though the actual width varies from a mere 600 feet to a whopping 18 miles.


Here’s a final glimpse of the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


And that’s it. We’re now on 89-S headed away from the Grand Canyon. Before we get back on I-40, we’re going to stop for a quick hike…on a volcano! SO MUCH AWESOME. Check back tomorrow for those pictures, and in the meantime if you’ve missed a day you can catch up here: