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After leaving Death Valley, we headed back to Nevada then southeast through Arizona toward the Grand Canyon. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the journey.


Would you look at that road stretch ahead through the Nevada desert? Wow!


Remember that crazy-high bridge by the Hoover Dam? Here we are about to cross…


…and this is the view from on top of it. You  can’t see NUTTIN’! And I’m sitting up high in a SUV, too. *sad face*

IMG_0083When we crossed that bridge, we left Nevada and entered Arizona. Here we are just a few miles from the bridge with a view of the Colorado River.


After Death Valley, this landscape is practically lush, LOL!


I’m in endless awe of these mountains…the whole trip has been nothing but amazing views (which explains the 3,500 pictures I took, lol.)


We’re headed east in Arizona and despite the fact that we’re still in the desert, we have definitely noticed a trend toward greener vistas.


Does anyone else want to peek into those holes to see what’s inside? 🙂


Grass! Dead grass, but still. Grass! LOL.


I love this view, although just seeing that much road ahead was a bit exhausting. We’re probably nearing 4,000 miles into our 6,000 mile journey at this point and we’ve been on the road seven days.


The view from I-40 near Flagstaff, Arizona


We took a left off I-40 at Flagstaff and we’re now on 64 headed north to the Grand Canyon. This is a long stretch of road (45 mins to an hour) and this is pretty much the only thing you see. As a kid, I was unimpressed, LOL.


More of AZ-64 as we head north toward the Grand Canyon.


Ignore the truck in front of us (and I assure you we aren’t that close…I’m zoomed in again) and take a look at the horizon. That rumpled white rock is our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon!


Here’s the Grand Canyon entrance station (west entrance on the south rim). We’ll see much more of the Grand Canyon tomorrow, but I’ll leave off with our first good view (below), this from Mather Point. No photo will ever capture how vast this is, but y’all know me…I made a few hundred attempts anyway, LOL.


SO MUCH WOW. Much more from the Grand Canyon tomorrow. In the meantime, if you’ve missed any of our previous stops you can catch up here: