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Yesterday’s pictures took us through phenomenal Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. Today we hit the road and head west, this time toward Sin City. Let’s take a ride!


We’re on I-70 headed west toward I-15 and this, ladies and gentleman, is Utah…as far as the eye can see.


Here’s a closer view of some of those formations. If you look to the right you’ll see the landscape changes yet again with the whiter rock in the background.


If ever I wished I could capture something with my camera, it would be this stretch of I-70 to I-15 that runs from Utah through the corner of Arizona into Nevada. The enormity of the amount of rock they moved to make the road is simply unfathomable.


OMG, y’all, do you see the tiny ribbon of road glimmering near the center of this image? There are very small specks on the road…cars. This land is just so massive and pictures don’t do it justice.


The rocks at the center are eye catching, but if you look past them you’ll see row after row of similar formations. It’s hard to comprehend the vastness here.


Here’s another one where the road tells the story. Look ahead and you’ll see the semi trucks, then look beyond them and toward the upper left of the image and you’ll find the road simply goes on and on. Breathtaking.


Nature is an artist if ever there was one. These layers are pretty striking!


Note the rock standing between the lanes…and how big it all is compared to the trucks on the road.


Again, when you take into account the size of the cars you gain a whole new perspective for the land. We’re still in Utah, headed southwest.


This looks so meticulous. It’s hard to believe it’s out there, so happenstance.


Around every bend in the road, something breathtaking awaited.


They have the occasional issue with falling rock out here, lol.


Um, are you seeing this? There are miles and miles of road cut through these rocks. It’s just…I have no words.


This picture really wasn’t late in the day, but it almost looks like a sunset picture. We’re on I-15 headed south toward Vegas.


I know I’m getting a bit repetitive, but wow. Just…WOW.


We were originally going to make this trip in early September, and we were to have come through this stretch of road less than 24 hours after those hurricane remnants flooded Vegas and washed out sections of I-15. This is one area where the road was gone, and as you’ve seen from the other pictures, there’s not much by way of detours out here. Our travel delay was definitely a blessing!


The view alongside I-15 in Nevada headed into…


Vegas, baby! Here’s the skyline with the Stratosphere prominent in the center. Tomorrow’s pictures will explore the views around Las Vegas, including Lake Meade, the Hoover Dam, and the Vegas strip. I hope to see you back! In the meantime,if you missed the road that got us here, check out previous posts via the following links: