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I’m sharing pictures from our cross country road trip. Yesterday we ended with a Colorado sunset and today we wake in beautiful Vail. Let’s see where the road leads, shall we?


Early morning in Vail, Colorado with a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains


Another breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains near Vail, CO


Before the trip is over, we’ll ascend to 11,158 feet and bottom out at 282 feet below sea level. The views at both end of the spectrum are absolutely amazing.


Morning clouds over the Rocky Mountains near I-70 in Colorado.


October on the western side of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. This looks like I used a filter on it, but it’s all natural. 🙂


I intentionally included vehicles in a lot of my pictures so you can see the massive scale of the landscape. These mountains are unbelievable (especially for us geology geeks, lol).


This is another photo that almost surreal with the changing colors. Also, that water in the lower right? That’s the mighty Colorado River.


This was one of my final glimpses back at the snow covered peaks of the Rockies as we headed west toward arid Utah.


This is I-70 quite literally THROUGH the mountains of western Colorado.


Here’s another glimpse of the Colorado River. It goes on to do great things. 🙂


I love these mountains beside I-70 in western Colorado.


Western Colorado’s changing landscape.


I-70 in western Colorado. When you see the road winding ahead, you gain a glimpse of just how massive this landscape is.


You’re in Colorado looking at the Utah state line. This vast emptiness is prevalent throughout the I-70 corridor. In fact, here you’ll find the longest stretch of interstate in the United States without gas or other services – a whopping 108 miles.


This curious snow covered mountain was a constant companion once we entered Utah, so it was pretty cool when we found it was quite near our destination.


The changing rocks throughout Utah are pure artistry.


Note the green layers in this rock, and also how far beyond this formation the rocky landscape extends. Don’t let the nearby shrubs fool you – most of those boulders you see are bigger than a car.


Here we are much closer to that snow-covered mountain. We’ve left I-70 and are headed toward Moab, UT.


Red rock is abundant in Moab. It’s gorgeous, the enormity of it nearly incomprehensible.


If you look near the center of this picture, you’ll see a road ascending these rocks near Moab, Utah.

IMG_8704We stayed here with this incredible view in every direction. Next up, a visit to Arches National Park right here in beautiful Moab. And in case you missed it, here’s a link to yesterday’s travel photos:

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