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Last fall we headed off on a surprise 5,000 mile family vacation and I’ve since periodically shared some of my favorite pictures here on my blog. With today’s photos we’re headed home, so I bring the final shots from the road. If you’ve missed previous installments, you’ll find links following the pictures. Our first picture brings us to…Nebraska? (INORITE? LOL!)


Strangest site on the road, hands down, was this dinosaur hanging out alongside I-80 in Nebraska.


On the outskirts of Lincoln, NE, this dirt road goes on forever.


Storm clouds over Lincoln, Nebraska. They had tornadoes that night.


The state in the middle of that mess is Wyoming, and this is what happened the day after we left. We were supposed to continue on to Yellowstone, but the federal government shutdown kept us out of the park and the snow kept us from heading further west. BTW, if you look near the bottom of the picture you’ll see my files for THE MARRIAGE AGENDA and AN UNEXPECTED SIN. Both were due shortly after we returned home from our trip. 🙂


Despite a couple of near misses with bad weather, the only rain we experienced was overnight in Nebraska City. The following morning we drove into Missouri under a light drizzle that left the mountains looking like this.


Bridge over the Missouri River in Missouri.


The famed St. Louis Arch in Missouri.


“Crime” pretty much sums up East St. Louis, IL. It was terribly blighted–obviously so, even from the interstate.


We stopped at a rest stop in West Virginia and this was sitting just across the interstate, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Hello, IRL Amazon!


The West Virginia capitol building. You can’t really tell in this picture, but that shiny top is gold. (Hopefully just gold in color and not actual gold.)


This is pretty much terrifying. It’s a runaway truck ramp just off a 7% downhill grade. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had runaway truck issues I don’t think I want to add that sharp turn to my troubles. *shudder*


A river in West Virginia


Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains


I love this one of my husband and youngest son walking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.


Found this guy (groundhog) in Charlottesville, VA.


One final sunset for the road.

That’s it for this trip. If you’ve missed a stop, the links to previous posts follow. If you’re ready for some new sights, stay tuned. I’ll have new pictures before you know it!