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BBT_ShareTheMoon_CoverBannerShare the Moon by Sharon Struth

Sometimes trust is the toughest lesson to learn.

Sophie Shaw is days away from signing a contract that will fulfill her dream of owning a vineyard. For her, it’s a chance to restart her life and put past tragedies to rest. But Duncan Jamieson’s counter offer blows hers out to sea.

Duncan still finds Sophie as appealing as he had during boyhood vacations to the lake. Older and wiser now, he has his own reasons for wanting the land. His offer, however, hinges on a zoning change approval.

Bribery rumors threaten the deal and make Sophie wary of Duncan, yet she cannot deny his appeal. When her journalistic research uncovers a Jamieson family secret, trust becomes the hardest lesson for them both.

“Heart-tugging small town romance with real emotion. Struth is an author to watch!”

—Laura Drake, author of RITA-award winning The Sweet Spot

“Superb… throw in a hunky dad, a small town and a savvy heroine who gets the job done and you’ve got me hooked!”

—Rachel Brimble, author of A Man like Him


“I treat reporting the old-fashioned way. I only got your story in the first place because—”

He raised his palm. “My accusation wasn’t fair. Listen, I’m sorry to have outbid you on the land so close to the closing date. A pure business decision and not personal.”

“I never thought it was. Besides, the land isn’t yours yet.” Her brows arched.

“Point taken.”

“For the record, though, I write news. Not opinion pieces. I want to clear up any misconceptions since Mr. Steiner requested we put together a favorable piece.”

“I didn’t request special treatment.” He squirmed in his seat. “Write the story as you see fit.”

“Trust me. I will.”

Once again, she’d left him as winded as if he’d hit the bottom of a huge crest on a roller coaster. Her stare burned through him.

“May I switch gears?” Duncan ached to reclaim control.

“Sure.” She crossed her shapely legs.

“The other night, in the parking lot, you told me I’d never understand why you wanted the area to remain unchanged. It’s understandable you’d be unhappy about my bid. Is there something else I need to know?”

Her dark gaze averted to the tip of her jiggling foot and she blinked, making her long lashes flutter. He wanted to look, too, but didn’t want to appear as if he were checking her out again. His earlier trip past her pleasing calves and nicely rounded bottom had given him the urge to unpin her knotted hair and do something that would earn him a slap across the face. Instead, he watched her expression, now more sad than angry.

Her hand lifted to her slender neck, where her fingers slowly massaged beneath her chin. “No. Just the vineyards.” She met his gaze, but a story rested in the pain behind her empty stare.

Sophie switched topics, but the need to understand her overwhelmed him in the most unsettling way.

AuthorPic_ShareTheMoonAbout the Author

Sharon Struth is an award-winning author who believes it’s never too late for a second chance in love or life. When she’s not writing, she and her husband happily sip their way through the scenic towns of the Connecticut Wine Trail. Sharon writes from the small town of Bethel, Connecticut, the friendliest place she’s ever lived. For more information, including where to find her other novels and published essays, please visit her at http://www.sharonstruth.com

Share the Moon Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GczH6uBi1og

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