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I need to pick up the pace…it’s almost time for me to get back out there! (Yes, we’re doing this again. Six kids and over a week on the road…yee haw!) Anyway, LOL, this visit we find ourselves in Wyoming, which we had the pleasure of entering on a winding, scenic byway. Beautiful country…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Cattle grazing in wide open Wyoming


The population of hay bales in WY was second only to that of the cattle. (Totally unscientific observation – don’t quote me on that.)


WY is just full of unique landforms


This teepee was in a field near the road, but otherwise in the middle of nowhere.


Pictures don’t do this justice. If you follow the road ahead (near the center of the picture between the sign and the tree), you can see just how large this landscape is.


Devil’s Tower is a volcanic cone exposed by erosion. You can see it from miles and miles away, but unfortunately we didn’t get any closer than this, as it was closed due to the federal government shutdown.


My kids standing next to the gate, which was locked up tight courtesy of the federal government shutdown.


We actually have these at home, LOL, but this is just SO Wyoming!


Coal mining – not exactly pretty, but a memorable sight!


It’s not every day you see an airplane fuselage on a train!


By this point, our plans had gone awry. Next stop should have been Yellowstone, but it was closed due to the federal government shutdown. I was SO disappointed the kids wouldn’t at least see the Rocky Mountains, but even without Yellowstone, seeing the mountains was no longer an option because a blizzard was closing in. We were still headed west on I-90 at this point looking for the junction of I-25 south and my husband’s cell phone was going crazy with severe weather alerts. Cue the ERMAGERD…


…And then THIS happened. Just a few miles from the I-25 junction, there were the Rocky Mountains. It’s just breathtaking the way they appear out of nowhere. Just a few hours after we left, this ground was covered in more than three feet of snow and the highway closed. Yikes!


This is another of my favorite pictures from the trip. On I-25 near Casper, WY.


This is southeastern WY. It’s endless.


Southeastern Wyoming


Wyoming sunset

Next up, pictures from the road back east. In the meantime, if you’ve missed a stop, here are links to previous posts: