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Whew, it’s getting hot in here! Author Tori St. Claire is here to talk about, UNRAVEL ME, her new steamy romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint. I suggest y’all get something cold to drink before you grab this book…you’re going to need it! 

UM500 (2)Tori St. Claire: Unraveling “Unravel Me”

Good morning, everyone!  Thank you so much for having me here today.  I’m so excited to be talking about my first Entangled Brazen release, UnravelMe.  It seems like I’ve been waiting forever to get to do so, and the whole “Debut author” feeling has returned in triplicate!

I set out two years ago, during the Entangled Smackdown with NANWRIMO to craft something new, something fun, something shorter than my Black Opals books.  Something sexy but slightly different.  And as I piddled around with plot ideas, I kept coming back to reluctant partners.  Who could I shove together who wouldn’t want to be together, and why the heck would anyone not want to be with a hot male hero?

Hm.  How about a pair of attorneys who had a crazy one-nighter before discovering they were working collaboratively on a case?  That might mix things up a bit.

As it turns out, it was probably one of the most fun writes I’ve had in a long while.  Particularly when they discover who their unforgettable strangers are.  My favorite scene in the entire book is Cassie’s reaction to seeing Brad after the event.  But as I wrote, I discovered I needed something deeper, something that was a little more angsty. Someone made a comment to me once in discussing a different book, which included a suggestion I didn’t choose to incorporate.  As I put together UNRAVEL ME, that comment kept coming back to mind:  It makes sense to have an alpha heroine want to let go of everything and be submissive in the bedroom.

The more I typed away, the more Cassie became that woman.  A confident and successful attorney, more than capable of handling her own affairs, put together and stable…which she achieved through playing by the rules.  Yet secretly, she craves the ability to let everything go, to give someone else the reins and not have to make decisions.  Don’t we all feel that way now and then?  What to make for dinner?  What approach to take in a particular aspect of our work?  Do we mow the lawn today, or hire the neighbor kid?  What tires to buy, for goodness sake.

As Cassie soon discovers, Brad offers a particular freedom she’s never known, and though she’s hesitant to embrace this discovery, she can’t resist.  It’s like chocolate sitting right in front of us.  Leave it there too long, and after a while, will-power becomes nill.

The result is Unravel Me, which to my delight manages to incorporate the heat my readers have expected from Tori St. Claire but won’t make my readers who’ve followed my contemporary romances as Claire Ashgrove uncomfortable.

It’s been a year and a half since that fateful NANOWRIMO endeavor, and I hope you’ll share my enthusiasm by checking it out!   Right now, as part of Entangled’s birthday celebration, it’s available for only .99 Cents.  Maybe you can let go of all the thinking along with Cassie for just a little bit!


UM500 (2)Unravel Me

Letting go might be the key that unlocks her pleasure…

Attorney Cassie Blaire has spent most of her life living by rules. Rules that keep her life sensible, and on the right path. But five years after losing her husband, Cassie is saying sayonara to “sensible.” And it starts now—with indulging a need she’s long denied.

When he arrives in Colorado, all Brad Steele wants is a scotch before he has to play nice in the first face-to-face meeting with his co-counsel in an ugly divorce case. But instead, he finds her—a lush, inviting stranger whose dark eyes invite him to sin…and thirst turns into a raw, undeniable hunger.

Now Cassie is initiated into a world that has nothing to do with being sensible, and everything to do with sensuality. Under Brad’s guiding touch, she’s receiving an education in desire—one that breaks all of the old rules, and explores tantalizing new ones. And once she learns that her naughty one-nighter is her arrogant co-counsel, all of her objections will be sustained…

portraitAuthor Bio

National Bestselling Author Tori St. Claire grew up writing. Hobby quickly turned into passion when she discovered the world of romance as a teen. Poems and short stories gave way to full-length novels with sexy heroes and heroines. She wrote her first romance novel at seventeen.

While that manuscript gathered dust-bunnies beneath the bed, she established herself as Claire Ashgrove, an award-winning, contemporary, historical, and paranormal author. For those who prefer a taste of old-world charm and chivalry, she also established historical romance author, Sophia Garrett. Her writing, however, skirted a fine line between hot and steamy, and motivated by authors she admired, she made the leap into sexier stories where the intimate relationship forges unbreakable ties.