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Author Ophelia London joins us today with an awesome reading list (assuming it’s not to stalky to buy all her faves, lol) and a glimpse at her new release from Entangled Bliss, FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER. You can also enter to win an iPod Shuffle pre-loaded with the FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER playlist, which is just awesome. On that note, I’m going to get out of her way. Welcome, Ophelia!

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Ophelia London: Top Ten Books

Hey there. I’m Ophelia London, author of the shiny-new “Falling for her Soldier,” and I’m cray-cray about love stories. So I’ve decided to take this opportunity to talk about my favorites books with romantic hooks. *rubs hands together* Let’s get started!

“Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen

What I love: Two words: Mr. Darcy. We might as well get this out of the way: I love P&P. I read it as a teenager and never really got over it. Not only is the story timeless, but the traditions and manners and charm Austen’s paints of Regency England makes me sob for a time machine.

 “Outlander” by Diane Gabalon

What I love: Speaking of time machines… Even if this wasn’t a “time travel” book—which turns a surprising number of people off before they’ve even met sexy Jamie Fraser—(swoon!), it’s adventurous, romantic and has all the feels. So excited it’s finally coming to TV.

“What the Lady Wants” by Jennifer Crusie

What I love: This is a fabulous bait-and-switch story…a trope that is near and dear to my heart, as “Falling for her Solider” is another b-&-s. There’s something about two people who—despite misunderstandings and mistaken identities piled all over each other—still fall head over heels in love.

“Anybody Out There?” by Marian Keyes

What I love: Marian Keyes is the master at taking tragic subjects and adding warm and wet-my-pants humor. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. And if you’re not following her on Twitter, start now!

“Austenland” by Shannon Hale

What I love: This book is about a woman who is obsessed with Pride & Prejudice; more specifically, the 1994 BBC version of P&P staring Colin Firth. I mean, hello?

“Losing It” by Cora Carmack

What I love: The last chapter and epilogue still make me giggle and stare off into space. I’m so into epilogues that I knew I had to make one for “Falling for her Solider,” especially since it’s the last book in my Perfect Kisses series. I love tidy wrap-ups to swoony stories.

 “Anna & the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins

What I love: Good golly, do I love a great YA. Maybe it was my own boring high school experience that made me live vicariously though this lucky high school senior who spends her senior year in Paris only to fall in love with a dreamy boy with an accent.

 “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella

What I love: Who knew a page of “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” could make one so giggly?

“Much Ado About Nothing” by William Shakespeare

What I love: Enemies-to-Lovers has always been my favorite type of storyline, and the Bard’s rom-com from circa 1599 hits it out of the park.

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you—is not that strange?” 

“Bridget Jones’s Diary” by Helen Fielding

What I love: Honestly, I can’t say enough about this book. It was my first proper P&P retell and done so perfectly. Who didn’t melt when dreamy Mark Darcy told a mortified Bridget that he likes her just as she is?

How do you like your romances? Bait-and-Switchy or Enemies-to-Lovers?

Falling for her Soldier

  • Perfect Kisses – Book 3
  • Ophelia London
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing – Bliss
  • Date of Publication: January 13, 2014
  • ISBN: 9781622662852
  • Number of pages: 260
  • Cover Artist: Jessica Cantor
  • Amazon   BN   Kobo

Book Description

She fell for the nice guy, but will she fall for the real guy?

Ex-ballerina Ellie Bell has twenty-four days left until her self-imposed man-less year is up. No more falling for the wrong kind of guy—charming, sexy, bad. Why can’t she find someone sweet like Charlie Johansson, her soldier pen pal? His e-mails meant the world to her, and she can’t stop thinking about him…until she meets Hunter, whose muscles and cocky smile threaten to have her relapsing.

Before Charlie “Big Game Hunter” Johansson’s last tour of duty, he’d gone through women like crazy. But after connecting on a real, emotional level via letters with his best friend’s sister, Charlie’s ready for a relationship—with Ellie Bell.

But then her brother introduces him as Hunter. Proving he’s no longer a player by becoming Ellie’s dance partner for an Army benefit seems like it could convince both siblings he’s changed, but the harder he falls for Ellie, the harder it is to come clean. Can he convince her to fall for the real him before it’s too late?

Falling for her Soldier Button 300 x 225Excerpt

She moved to the mirror, her eyes giving him a sly up-down before she turned to her reflection, combing her fingers through her long hair.

“Before we begin…” she added. But Charlie was doing his own up-down, his gaze getting hung up where her bodysuit curved in at the waist. “I guess I need to know your previous experiences.”

Charlie glanced at her face in the mirror, doing a double take. “E-experiences?”

“Yeah.” She was adjusting the skinny strap of her top. “Do you want to show me?”

His jaw went slack as he stared at her reflection. “You…want me to…”

“Or you can tell me about it. I need to know.”

He shook his head, incredulous, but when her steady gaze didn’t waver, he exhaled a groan of confused surrender. “Well, uh, okay.” He rubbed his chin. “My first time was when I was fifteen, she was seventeen, it was after a football game in the—”

The words stopped mid-sentence when Ellie whirled around.

“Your experience with dancing.”

About the Author

Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas and she’s lived in Dallas ever since. A cupcake and treadmill aficionado (obviously those things are connected), she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV, while living vicariously through the characters in the books she writes.

Ophelia is the author of DEFINITELY, MAYBE IN LOVE, ABBY ROAD, and the Perfect Kisses series including: PLAYING AT LOVE, SPEAKING OF LOVE, and FALLING FOR HER SOLDIER (Jan 2014).

Visit her at http://ophelialondon.com

But don’t call when The Vampire Diaries is on.


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