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Before I even start talking about my guest, I have to say the book cover just makes me smile. It looks so warm there–warm and flirty and fun and I don’t know about you but I just want to dive into this book and roll around a little. (It’s COLD here, y’all!) But I digress. Today Farrah Taylor joins us, and if you think the outside is all melty, just wait until you find out what’s inside her new release, LOVE SONGS FOR THE ROAD. Farrah, welcome!

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Farrah Taylor: Love Songs for the Road

People have been asking me about the inspiration for LOVE SONGS FOR THE ROAD. It all started with a cup of coffee with my editor and friend, Stacy Abrams. We were chatting about my writing, and some recent novels she’d enjoyed editing, and she asked me if I wanted to try to pitch her an idea for a romance novel. I’d never even considered writing one before, so it was a thrill even to be asked! I jumped at the chance.

At Stacy’s suggestion, I looked over a list of popular tropes in contemporary romance (not that these differ too much from classic romance tropes…we are talking timeless story arcs, people!), and the one that screamed off the page to me was “In Love With the Nanny.” I’m not sure why, but the fact that Jane Eyre and The Sound of Music are two of my favorite stories of all time didn’t hurt. I’ll admit, too, that I’ve followed more than a few of the jaw-dropping nanny scandals in the news – the Jude Law and Arnold Schwarzenegger sagas were particularly unforgettable – and I’d always wondered about the tornado of emotions that must have been going on behind the scenes of those tabloid nightmares. Just beyond the sensationalized headlines stood human beings in terrible pain, I knew, and I was fascinated by the spectacle of such bald-faced emotions being played out on a public stage.

I didn’t want to glamorize a cheater, though. I wanted my hero to be a truly kind and generous person for whom celebrity comes second to a fulfilling creative life. For Marcus Troy, being famous is simply the cost of his being able to live his dream of making music and art. In writing both rock star Marcus and girl-next-door Ryan Evans, I wanted to create characters that were inspiring to me – the kind of people I’d like to be friends with, the kind of people whose love I would celebrate if they were in my life. (And I’m glad I did, because I spent so much time with them, sometimes it did actually feel like they were in my life. I talked a blue streak about Marcus and Ryan as an patient husband tried to get some well-earned rest on the pillow next to mine.)

Anyway, I hope readers enjoy Marcus and Ryan. I wanted to make them relatable and real and worthy of your time and interest, and I hope I succeeded!

Love Songs for the Road

  • Genre: Contemporary Romance
  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing – Bliss
  • Date of Publication: January 13, 2014
  • ISBN: 9781622661640
  • Number of pages: 220
  • Cover Artist: Jessica Cantor
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Book Description:

A rock star. The nanny. A love that could rock their world.

The only thing rock star Marcus Troy loves more than making music is his kids. So finding just the right nanny to take on tour with them is important—as is proving to his ex he deserves joint custody. Falling for his employee wouldn’t just be fodder for the paparazzi: it could ruin everything.

Too bad the perfect nanny turns out to be beautiful, vibrant Ryan Evans. Ryan’s never left her small Montana town before, so she jumps at the chance to see the country. And as much as accidental fame doesn’t gel with shy Ryan, what does is her relationship with her capricious, smoking-hot, shockingly good dad of a boss. Marcus is nothing like what she expected. But when the whole world’s watching them, will life in the spotlight be too hot to handle?

About the Author

A reading specialist with a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, Farrah Taylor has taught first grade in Northwest Montana for over a decade. She is thrilled to be publishing her first novel, Love Songs for the Road. Farrah, a lifelong music lover who has spent far too much of her savings on concert tickets, is glad to finally be seeing a return on the investment. She lives with her husband, Ty, and son, Latham, in Polson, Montana.


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