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YOU GUYS. This left me speechless. SPEECHLESS. So now you absolutely MUST grab a copy of this book because clearly Ms. Hayes has MAD SKILLS. (Those of you who know me know how hard it is to silence me. That is all the proof you need.)

Gwen, take it away. I’ll be on the floor for a while yet.

Gwen Hayes: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door

Thank you, Sarah, for having me on your blog.

And Imma let you finish, but first I want to say something about YOUR books.

For those of you who don’t know, in addition to writing, I am also an editor. I am the editorial director of the Scandalous line at Entangled Publishing. A line that happens to publish books by our host, Sarah Ballance.  One of the perks of my job is getting to read the books before they come out. The company calls is quality control. I call it: SCORE! Someone wants to pay me to read good books!

Sarah has a book coming out in April, so it was just sent to me while I was supposed to be writing guest blog posts. Guess which won out? You guys will not want to put down her book. Please look for An Unexpected Sin by Sarah Ballance in April and then send me emails about how right I was. Because she is an amazing writer.

I’ll admit that I had some reservations before I read her first book. Mostly because I was trying to find sexy suitable images for a book that was about Puritans. Yeah, let that sink in. How do we make bonnets sexy? And stock photo sites don’t generally have any idea either. Then I read Her Wicked Sin and I couldn’t shut up about it. Sarah is an amazing wordsmith. I have a feeling she could write me a soup can label and I would be riveted.

So, anyway…back to me. I have a new book out this week. It’s not about Puritans.

Imagine, if you will, two dueling relationship advice bloggers who have to pretend to be dating. He’s Mr. Virile, out there teaching guys how to be Alpha and get laid without having to get married. She’s The Girl Next Door, trying to save women from men who read Mr. Virile’s blog. They agree on one thing: they have explosive chemistry. And they each have the same goal: prove the other person is wrong about relationships.

I hope you enjoy Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door…and I hope you enjoy Sarah’s books as much as I did.

Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door

Title: Mr. Virile and the Girl Next Door
Genre: Romance
Author: Gwen Hayes
Publisher: Entangled Indulgence
Pages: 67
Language: English
Format: Ebook

Online virile.com dating columnist Dane Martin has no plans to give up his reign as bachelor extraordinaire. He has a reputation to uphold, especially with the upcoming release of his book Coming on Strong.

Holly Winters, everyone’s favorite girl next door, thanks to her blog of the same name, gives advice, but she doesn’t always take it. When she meets Dane Martin, every fiber of her being warns her to turn tail and run. Instead, she risks her future as an authority on relationships, jeopardizing her upcoming self-help book for women struggling to find commitment among the Virile sycophants.

Has the Girl Next Door tamed the most Virile man alive, or is she just another notch on the bedpost?



“I’m not going to sleep with you, you know.”

“I can be very persuasive, Holly.” He pressed a hand into her lower back firmly so that she felt, in detail, the state of his arousal.

He was thick and impossibly hard. That she caused his reaction was flattering and empowering, until she remembered that he was supposedly the most virile man in the city. This was what he did; he seduced women, making them feel good about themselves and weakening their defenses for self-preservation. Impressing them with his penis.

She shook her head. “I like sex too much to waste it on a throwaway night with you, Mr. Virile. Sorry.”

A momentary flash of confusion troubled his brow. He was not used to a challenge, it would seem, and probably most especially one about his sex appeal. “I guarantee you won’t feel like you wasted a night with me.”

“Oh, but I would. You see, sex with a stranger is mediocre, at best.”

“You obviously haven’t had great sex,” he countered.

She felt just sassy enough to press her breasts harder into his granite torso. “No, Mr. Martin, I’m afraid it’s you who hasn’t had great sex. You’re missing out on the next level. When you actually know and care about your partner, it’s…exquisite.”

Good God, there was a smoldering fire banked in those eyes of his. The promise of heat. Sex with him would be amazing, she was sure he was right about that. But neither was she wrong. When there was real intimacy, not just body parts and pheromones, sex was even better. She’d have to remind herself of that later when she was alone lamenting the lost chance she had at getting naked with a veritable sex god.

Holly broke the eye contact first, probably a sign of weakness, but it was getting too intense. This wasn’t just about her and her hormones. She had her readership to think about. Women who depended on her advice. If she couldn’t lead by example, she had no business leading at all.

“This has been entertaining, but I think it’s time for me to go.”

His hand pressed possessively into the small of her back. “This isn’t over, Ms. Winters. I intend to collect on my spoils of the hunt someday soon.”

“Oh, Mr. Martin, I promise you’ll find bigger, better game and forget all about me.”

But would she be able to forget about him?


About Gwen Hayes

Gwen Hayes lives in the Pacific Northwest with her real life hero, their children, and the pets that own them. She writes stories for teen and adult readers about love, angst, and saving the world.

Gwen’s first novel, Falling Under, was released in March of 2011 by NAL/Penguin and followed up by the sequel, Dreaming Awake, in January of 2012.

In addition to writing, Gwen is a freelance editor at www.fresheyescritique.com and is Editorial Director of Scandalous Books, an imprint of Entangled Publishing www.entangledpublishing.com.

She is represented by Jessica Sinsheimer of the Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency.