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Public Relations for Authors: Take Hold of Your Own Promotions

Book Description

Getting help to promote your book just got easier. Public Relations for Authors Take Hold of Your Own Promotions will help you locate that special publicist who will help you promote your book the right way. A Publicity Director for two publishers, Babs brings knowledge to this book.

Public Relations teaches you why you need a publicist and how to find the right one for you. To understand what you need she covers:

  • How publicity can help sell books
  • What you need to know about publicity
  • Writing Pitches
  • Media Kits
  • Press Releases
  • Where to find a PR agent
  • What to send to your PR agent

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About the Author

Babs Hightower has been helping authors since 2000. She owns a book review blog Babs Book Bistro which got her started in PR and helping authors promote themselves. In 2012 she started working for Entangled Publishing and worked her way up to Publicity Director of the Scandalous Imprint. She is also the publicist for World Castle Publishing. She is also known as Morgan Kincaid, writer of Historical Romance.

My Review

If you’ve ever released a book, you know how much truth there is to the old adage that “writing is the easy part.” The rest…well, it’s mostly chaos, and it doesn’t begin or end with release day. Sometimes the chaos is more controlled than others, but for the most part you’ll find yourself going in ten different directions.  Yes, it’s exciting and amazing but ERMAGERD you’re going to wake up with bruises if you don’t have a plan.

This book is that plan.

Ms. Hightower has provided a blissfully succinct guide for author public relations. Yes, it’s about promotion, but note the focus on the RELATIONS–the kind that doesn’t leave would-be readers running and screaming from the very mention of your book title. We’ve all been there, haven’t we? There’s always that one author in your book feed who talks about NOTHING ELSE, and following the advice presented in this book will keep you from being that author. That alone makes it worth having.

But back to the chaos…I’ve been there a few times. THERE’S NO TIME to read a hundred pages of tips and advice. That’s one thing I absolutely love about this book–it serves as a checklist of sorts. Any author, no matter how busy, has time to work through the advice and suggestions presented here so they can go at this whole PR gig in a totally organized, well-thought out manner that’s both time efficient and effective.

And whether you’re writing your first book or releasing your tenth, there’s no better approach to promotion and public relations than that.


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.