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Please welcome author Rebecca Thomas with her favorite lines from her new release, THE BLACKSMITH’S SON.

Rebecca Thomas: Favorite Lines from “The Blacksmith’s Son”

My debut novella, The Blacksmith’s Son, is out into the world. It’s kind of surreal. You work on something so long, and so diligently, and then it’s time to push it out of the nest. Then you hope, and pray, and cross your fingers that it can fly. Humm…sound familiar? I think everyone can relate on some level to what it’s like to launch a first book. There is a first for everything, and though the second, and third will be wonderful too, it just won’t be the same as the first.

One of the most rewarding things about writing a novel is to read it much later and think, wow, that’s not bad, did I write that? So with that theme in mind I’m going to share a few of my favorite lines and/or parts of the book and tell you why they are my favorite. I don’t want to give too much of the book away, just a few snippets and hope I pique your interest.

She couldn’t be a woman; she must remain hidden from the world as a boy. Her life depended on it.

These lines pretty much encapsulate the theme of most of the book. Ally truly believes her life is in danger (with good reason), therefore being in disguise is an absolute necessity for her survival.

“I’m without clothing, in a room with a stranger. I hardly think I should appreciate my circumstances. Give me back my clothes.” Ally pulled the coverlet higher as though a piece of fabric could put distance between them.

I like this part of the story because it shows Ally’s spunk and moxie.

He was incapable of functioning appropriately in British society again—just look how poorly he’d handled the vulnerable woman in his room.

I love how Quentin is aggravated with himself. He’s a sea captain. He’s commanded entire crews, but when it comes to Ally, he’s frustrated by his attraction to her. He wants to be a proper English gentleman, but he’s finding it difficult. Come on ladies, let’s be honest, we love it when this happens. The man in our life is so head-over-heels for us he can’t function properly. J

Another line that shows Quentin’s level of exasperation is; Now that Quentin knew exactly what lay beneath the baggy trousers and loose fitting shirt, he stood captivated by her, stunned he had ever thought her a boy.

And one more line: The captain looked down and kicked his booted toe in the dirt. “You must think me quite a fool, then. Hoping to rescue you?”

This is another favorite part of the book for me because Quentin is trying unsuccessfully to “rescue” Ally, and Ally insists she doesn’t need rescuing. So when he openly admits this to her, it’s completely endearing to me and I can’t help but love Quentin. He truly is hero worthy.

Thank you Sarah, for having me as your guest today.

The Blacksmith’s Son

  • Entangled Flirt
  • ISBN: 9781622663798

Captain Quentin Drake returns home after his naval commission ends to find a groom being beaten in the village stables. He refuses to turn a blind eye to the lad’s mistreatment and intervenes, taking the lad to his room. Only to discover the boy…is a woman.

After Ally Lockwood witnesses an earl committing murder, she fears for her life. She flees his estate and masquerades as a blacksmith’s male apprentice. Her ruse is up when a handsome stranger tending to her wounds disrobes her. Captain Drake lures Ally into believing she can return to life as a woman, but it may draw the killer back on her trail.

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rtAbout Rebecca Thomas

I enjoy a love-hate relationship with Alaska, where I live with my husband and two teen-aged sons. While I struggle with some aspects of the 49th state (darkness, cold) I have grown to appreciate the unique things the last frontier has to offer (no traffic, 24 hour daylight, privacy). When I’m not reading, writing, or playing board games, I’m cheering for my sons at their hockey games and tennis matches. I write historical and contemporary romantic fiction and I’m a member of Romance Writers of America.

My first book, a historical romance, will be available on November 25, 2013.

The Blacksmith’s Son is with Entangled Publishing’s Flirt imprint.

Awards: My work has won first place in the Ignite the Flame, Emerald City Opener, Gateway to the Best, and Merritt writing contests.

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