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YOU GUYS! Where the heck have I been? I haven’t meant to neglect you all–really I haven’t–but wifi has been sketchy and then a whole row of keys on my laptop stopped working. That lasted until I bought another keyboard (OF COURSE!) and I discovered it when I tried typing my password because I have made that feeble attempt faithfully even after the keys quit on me. So now I have an extra keyboard (a souvenir of sorts from South Dakota, lol) and a fervent prayer the laptop hangs in there until at least November so I can meet my deadlines. (I’m SO excited about these new stories…can’t wait for you all to see them!)

I wanted to post pics each evening but my attempts at uploading have been met with “x hours to go” so, um, no. I can’t sit in one spot for ten hours to upload pics, lol. (I’ve taken THOUSANDS). But when I get home I’m going to use my available blog days to share pics and stories from our travels, which, yes, have been EPIC. And needless to say, they didn’t go as planned. I’ll spill the mishaps when the pics are available, but suffice to say we did not get to go to Yellowstone or the Grand Tetons and the gates of Devil’s Tower were blocked. (Thank you, federal government).

The good news is we’re really enjoying our family time together and the kids are getting along really well. I’m still waiting to see what that’s all about, LOL, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy it. I’ll see you here Sunday or Monday for some pics and stories from the road. Have a great week!

If you’ve missed the news, I have two new books available from Entangled Publishing. Her Wicked Sin is a historical romance set during the Salem witch trials, while Ruby Hill is a creepy supernatural romance that takes place in an abandoned lunatic asylum. Go there…if you dare. Muahhahaaaahhhaa!