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I’m hanging out with Melissa MacKinnon this week. We have ten kids between us and I actually think the house is calmer with the four extra kids than without, but maybe that’s my insanity talking. At any rate, it’s not a party without the beach, so guess where we went? Yep, you got it in one … and here are some pics! The first one is my favorite. My little munchkin was absolutely fearless — she rode that wave all the way in!

Lillian beach

My kidlet

2013-07-17 07.25.03

My kidlet.

2013-07-17 07.28.02

Melissa’s offspring on the left and mine on the right.

2013-07-17 07.30.47


2013-07-17 07.31.05


2013-07-17 07.48.34

Melissa’s kidlet on the left and mine on the right.

2013-07-17 07.53.40

Melissa’s child left and mine right.

2013-07-17 07.54.37


2013-07-17 07.55.14

Melissa’s boy and my girl.



Melissa’s princess.

2013-07-17 06.51.19