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Last year I signed with Entangled Publishing and promptly stalked my editor to a nearby RWA meeting, after which we had lunch and she subsequently did not run far, far away. I became less afraid of her then (not that she was ever actually scary, mind you…I’m just a wimp), which is probably why the rest of this happened.

One of my favorite people in the world writes historical romance, and as part of my effort to get her to submit to Entangled (BECAUSE I LOVE IT THERE SO VERY MUCH) I was over on Entangled’s historical romance submissions page jotting down details to send her. And it was there I saw “Salem” on the list of cool things to submit. And I thought, that would ROCK. So I emailed the aforementioned editor with a very simple, very ridiculous statement.

“I should write a Salem historical romance!”

Well, she believed me. Or had no reason to believe it wasn’t a good idea, so she checked with the historical people to see if there was still a interest in Salem. And there was. Long story short, I ended up writing three chapters and submitting them along with a synopsis. Then I panicked or laughed maniacally or something. Guys, I don’t write historical. I barely even READ historical. (To be fair, I’ve loved the small handful I have read. I just don’t have time to read ANYTHING.) The very idea they would even CONSIDER my story blew me away. And not only did they consider it … they contracted it.

Oh. My. Gawd.

So there I was, writing this historical romance for which I had no experience but already held a contract. No pressure, right? (Phahahahahaa!) Most of what I knew about Salem I knew from TV. (Because yes, I watch ALL THE SALEM THINGS every October.) And I know enough about what’s on TV to know it’s not always accurate (though the History channel isn’t too far off most of the time), so I had to do some research and I found out some amazing things about Salem and the Puritans. (Did you know unsatisfactory sex was grounds for divorce? O.o) I also learned the origins of about a hundred words I had to check to make sure existed at the time of my story and discovered some pretty interesting stuff we’ll save for future blog posts. 🙂 Anyway …

I beat my May 1 deadline by two days, and then the panic began. Did I actually pull this off? Would it be salvageable? Would all-the-bad-things happen?

Erm, no. Everyone who has read it has loved it. I’m still in shock. But that said, I will admit the story turned out to be pretty freaking fantastic. Those of you who have been a part of my blog family a while know I seldom say such things, so that’s saying something. Something … crazy.



“Her Wicked Sin” is due to release in September from Entangled Romance’s Scandalous line of historical romance. Details to follow (including, yes, those crazy Puritan sex stories!) so be sure to subscribe or stalk me in the manner of your choosing so you won’t miss a thing!