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Please welcome Michelle Muckley as she talks about unconventional love as part of her ESCAPING LIFE blog tour, then stick around to learn how you can enter to win some goodies. You won’t want to miss any of this!

EscapingLifechangesUnconventional Love Story

A guest blog from author Michelle Muckley

When you ask somebody to describe a love story, most people will revert to a similar sort of notion.  Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, girl falls in love with boy.  They’ll throw in a small dose of tragedy (just in the interest of testing the depth and extent of the love), and boy will be forced to leave girl, or vice-versa.  But yet by the end of the 92 minutes running time they will have undoubtedly fallen back into each other’s arms amid promises of an eternity of unconditional love as they grow old together.  Til death do them part.

It seems that the world is completely in love with falling in love, and most of us have probably been there.  We have cherished it when we felt the good, and recoiled as we felt the bad.  We have promised ourselves it would never end when high on an endorphin fuelled rush, and then cried helplessly into the soggy shoulder of our best friend as we crashed back down to an ultimately more stable hormonal plateau.  A rare few can say that they haven’t felt the rough side of love, and yet even those that have seek it out after recovering from heartbreak, setting off in search of the next soul mate with which we just know it’ll work this time.

Yet, in literature and film love is often portrayed quite differently to this.  Love, it seems, is not quite so conventional after all.  I was only ten years old when Walt Disney convinced me that it was possible to fall in love with an oversized hairy creature in Beauty and the Beast.  But it was over a century before that when Victor Hugo was telling the tale of Quasimodo, the terribly disfigured and horribly ridiculed hunchback of Notre Dame, and how love not only afflicts the beautiful and young, but transcends sense, remains painfully unrequited, and can ultimately be the source of your own sorry demise.

Love remains for many, one of the most craved and necessary elements of life.  It provides us with somebody to listen to us.  It offers company in place of loneliness.  It makes us feel valuable to be cared for by another, and helps validate us as people to overcome the fear which accompanies our inherent flaws.  At times it is so powerful that it surpasses all logic.  People fight, lie, cry, and die for love, as if they would inevitably wither away into nothingness without it.  It becomes more important than food or water, no more cheerlessly demonstrated than by Quasimodo’s unfortunate death as his dusty remains were pulled from Esmeralda’s body.   But it is not just this crazy obsessive love that we crave.  We search for love throughout our whole life.  We find it with our parents, and experience the safety and comfort that it offers.  We find it with friends, and begin to understand the sense of loss that is sometimes coupled with it when they are absent and we learn that feelings of love can teeter precariously close to pain and sadness.  We find it too, if we are lucky with our siblings.

michelleI grew up with four brothers as the youngest girl.  I was mercilessly picked on, left out from fun, and trapped behind bedroom doors whilst Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ played on repeat as I cried to be set free from such a horrible torture.  I promised them all at different times that I would never speak to any of them again.  But it was never true, because when all of the childhood craziness was laid to rest in the passage of time, I came to realise that without them life simply wouldn’t be the same.

In Escaping Life, Elizabeth Green loses her sister.  She mourns her loss and tries to move on and yet without her can never quite find the life that she had enjoyed before.  This platonic love could never be replaced, and the void of the loss could never be filled.  Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and conventional or not, we need it at times more than we need life itself.

Escaping Life by Michelle Muckley

It’s beautiful here. It’s a beautiful place to die. Since the accident claimed her sister’s life, Haven has been a sanctuary for Elizabeth Green.She has finally found some of the tranquility that she thought had been lost long ago to the past.Homicide cop Jack Fraser is running away from his miserable life too.But when the discovery of a body on a local beach leads him directly to Elizabeth’s front door, it seems her past might not have been left behind her after all. Together they must face their demons, and in the process expose the dangerous secrets that cloud their lives before it’s too late. Running from reality is sometimes more painful than discovering the truth.

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