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It’s official: I’ve signed a contract with ENTANGLED PUBLISHING for a historical romance to release this fall from their SCANDALOUS line! The story behind this story is all kinds of crazy, but I can sum it up nicely: it was a whim. Yep, a whim. Know why it was a whim? Because I’ve never written a historical in my life. I’m still blinking my way through the shock of this one, LOL, but I’m writing in between blinks and that’s a good thing because I have about ten days left to finish.

<<Lookee at my upcoming releases in the sidebar. Aren’t they lovely? *grins*

Now, onto the snippet … or lack thereof.

In light of my May 1 deadline, I’m putting my Sunday Snippets on hold. And I know I still have a few blogs from March to visit. EEEP! (Forgive me, guys … I’m going to each and every one!) Anyway, until I catch up and get through my deadlines I’m going to take a break from my Sunday rounds. I hope to be back soon with a couple of new releases in the works and lots of time to read all of your fabulous snippets!

I’ll see you then!