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Welcome readers! And for my fellow authors, whether you’re here from Weekend Writing Warriors (WeWriWa, also known as the new 8 Sentence Sunday) or from the Snippet Sunday FB group, I’m thrilled you’ve joined me. Today I’m sharing sentences from my romantic suspense LAST CALL, which is available now for just 99 cents.

Now Available: romantic suspense for only 99 cents!

Last week we saw Nick’s POV after he was outed for betraying Rhys. This snippet picks up a bit later in the same scene, and lest you think things are settling down, let me offer assurance they aren’t quite what they seem. *grin*

“Go,” she said. “I’m fine.”

Nick hesitated. She sounded small. And hurt. And mad as hell.

He opened his mouth to apologize, but the threat in her eyes silenced him. Heart heavy, Nick cast a final look at DeadGuy’s body before taking off after Vincent.

LAST CALL is now available for just 99 cents from For the Muse PublishingAmazonBarnes & Noble, and Smashwords (formats: .mobi, .epub, HTML, PDF, RTF, LRF, PalmDoc, and Plain Text). Click here to add to Goodreads or here for reviews.

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