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NWOfrontAuthor Kashif Ross is here with a guest spot in which he interviews Kode Payne, a character from NEW WORLD ORDER. Let’s listen in, shall we?

Kashif: Tell us a little about yourself.

Kode: Well, my name is Kode Payne. I was once tall, but due to a freak incident I’m just dark and handsome. I have long flowing hair and enjoy assassinating people during their long walks on the beach. There’s a certain thrill I get when they see me up close. It’s like death at first sight or something like that.

Kashif: Assassinating? Do you kill people for a living?

Kode: Not necessarily. Now I’m living to kill people, but there’s always a fine line when someone dies. You never know if you’re doing it for revenge, pleasure, or to find a meal.

Kashif: How did this all begin? When did you start killing people?

Kode: It all started when I crawled out of a very ugly and demonic womb. After sitting in that blood of evil for long, it spread into my DNA. My twin brother and I were raised to fight in Gladiator Sports Entertainment. While he received royal treatment from our parents, I was forced to murder anyone that disrespected the prince. You can say killing became an art. Red became my favorite paint color and I learned to use various brushes to decorate my canvas—long swords, short swords, guns, etc.

Kashif: Explain Gladiator Sports Entertainment for the readers.

Kode: GSE is like any other sports association. They use franchise players to bring in fans. In order to hold on to their money makers, arena owners prevent the strongest from killing each other, but allow those with little to no power to hack and slash one another to death. The big difference between GSE and an average sport is the political power. Gladiator stadiums are owned by politicians. Arenas are given more land based on their wins and losses.

Kashif: That’s enough about business. Tell us about your love life.

Kode: You want to know if an assassin falls in love?

Kashif: Yes.

Kode: I definitely care about someone, but I don’t have much of a choice. If I didn’t take her on dates, she’d start smashing my head into a wall again.

Kashif: Do you two work together as mercenaries?

Kode: You could say that. She and other friends joined me to take down a very well protected politician. Helios is no pushover, but he stays out of reach. I’ve been pursuing him and my biological mother for the past four years. I hope to decapitate them and practice human taxidermy in order to decorate my trophy room, but hunting those two down has proven to be difficult.

Kashif: Do you think you’ll ever have kids?

Kode: I’d rather chew a bullet.

Kashif: Where do you see yourself in twenty years?

Kode: Oh! Tough question. Maybe picking on children that are ditching school. You know, dangling them by the ankles from tall buildings. I enjoy motivating youth to continue their education and keep them off the streets.

Kashif: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Kode: My best quality is sarcasm. I believe that my words have a spring to them. A pop. But my weakness is short skirts. They get me every time.

Kashif: Anything you’d like to tell the readers about your next adventure?

Kode: Yes. Die.

NWOfrontNew World Order

Kode spent four years searching for the HATS, fighting battles that put his team members’ lives in danger. Now, he struggles to pursue his desire to avenge the mother that loved him and kill the one filled with hatred. But he hasn’t gotten any closer to his goals and his ceremonial bandages only make his day to day life more agonizing.

After finding a clue that could finally lead him to the device, Kode and Seth embark on a stealthy mission to challenge Helios’ men. The two run into more than just a few soldiers, but an entire army led by a traitorous Colt Council member.

Given the opportunity, Kode and Seth flee for safety, but they are hunted relentlessly by a plethora of new and old enemies. In order to save the life of his only living son, Blake sends the team to the one place they can find refuge until Kode can remove his bandages. Angie, Jamie, Kode, Richard, and Seth must live in a library located in Helios’ hometown of New York City.

When Kode opens his eyes to the severity of his situation, it’s too late. He’s surrounded by the familiar Swagger, the pretentious Cane, and the beautifully valiant Valerie Death. The codenames are just as mysterious as their omnipotent leader, Minister E.

The time for lies and games cannot last much longer. Angie and Kode’s relationship with Helios will finally be revealed and the team will learn that everything in the dark will be brought to light or dragged to the trenches of Tartarus.

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The Barcode Series:

– Legend of Apollo (Book 1)

– Cavern of Youth (Book 2)

– New War Order (Book 3)

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