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Don’t worry – LAST CALL will be back next week (and if you missed the news, it’s now available for just 99 cents – click here for blurb/excerpt/links). I wanted to take the opportunity to feature my ghost story HAWTHORNE because it’s free TODAY 2/24 ONLY. I will update here as soon as I have the code, but until then click here to visit the publisher’s blog.

This excerpt comes near the end of the book, but if you think you know where this is headed, better think again! (Muahahaha!) We’re in the POV of my hero Noah as he’s hit with the realization he’s going to lose Emma Grace all over again.

Every dream, every yearning for her existed in that moment. If he had any sense he’d have dropped the portrait and swept her into his arms. He’d have cradled her face in his hands, stroked her cheek, and buried his fingers in her hair—anything to convince his heart she was real, she was there. But he did none of those things. Instead, he froze, clutching the painting of the woman who ripped his world apart, his mind refusing to believe what sent his body reeling: Emma Grace had always been his.

Far too soon, she pulled away. She smiled, a sad one full of understanding, and in those precious seconds, he knew. 

She was saying goodbye.

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Praise for Hawthorne

“There was such a huge twist at the end of this book that it left me stunned and speechless, literally staring at my Kindle with my hands clutching my head. Mark my words. RUN, don’t walk to pick this book up. YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO READ IT!”Sandy Wolters

“The story seamlessly flows to a shocking ending that is utterly brilliant.”Laurie for Coffee Time Romance & More

“Sarah Ballance’s Hawthorne is haunting, lyrical, original, and incredibly well-written. I don’t know of many other authors who have a talent for weaving language the way she does, and evoking such a deep, emotional response. This story is an absolute must.” — Rosalie Stanton


After a terrifying encounter with the unexplained, it took ten years and the news of her grandmother’s passing for Emma Grace Hawthorne to return to her childhood home.   She sought peace in saying a proper goodbye, but what she found was an old love, a sordid family history, and a wrong only she could right.

Living in the shadow of Hawthorne Manor, Noah Garrett never forgot about Emma Grace.  In a house full of secrets, his search for missing documents revealed a truth that could cost him everything.  What he found gave Emma the freedom to walk away from the mansion, her heart free and clear, but at what price to Noah?

  • Title: HAWTHORNE
  • Author: Sarah Ballance
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance (ghost)
  • Publisher: Astraea Press, 2011
  • ISBN 13: 978-1-93685-244-4
  • Audio ISBN: N/A

HAWTHORNE is available from: Astraea PressAmazonPaperbackBarnes & NobleApple iTunesKoboBooks on Board, and more! Click here to add to Goodreads or here for reviews.

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