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Welcome readers! And for my fellow authors, whether you’re here from Weekend Writing Warriors (WeWriWa, also known as the new 8 Sentence Sunday) or as a refuge from the old Six Sentence Sunday group, I’m thrilled you’ve joined me. Today I’m sharing eight sentences from my romantic suspense LAST CALL, which will be just 99 cents when it releases from For the Muse Publishing later this month.

Coming Soon: romantic suspense for only 99 cents!

Rhys’s anticipated showdown with their suspect takes an unexpected turn when she and Nick are escorted to a private room where three men await their arrival. Worse, after Nick’s strange behavior last week, Rhys isn’t sure whose side he’s on.

Rhys shivered when the doors closed heavily behind her. So much for a public confrontation.

They were alone and outnumbered.

She wanted to reach for Nick. To drag him all the way back to the cabin, to the place they’d found. But he stood too far to touch, his arms crossed and face set. In the low light, he looked dangerous. She hoped the three men in the room didn’t feel the threat. 

LAST CALL is coming later this month to For the Muse Publishing for just 99 cents! Click here to add it to Goodreads.

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