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A guest blog from author Charmaine Gordon.

Blueberries and Sex

While on a beach vacation at Cape May with my daughter and 4.6 year old grandest granddaughter last summer, two young women stopped by our beach chairs for a friendly chat. One of them asked my age and when I told her I was born when dinosaurs roamed the earth, she said, “What’s your secret? How do you stay looking so young?”

I said, “Blueberries and sex.”

“Mom,” my daughter said, giving the word at least two syllables, “you don’t have sex.”

I smiled my secret smile and said, “How do you know?”

You see, kids don’t believe parents have sex. Ever. They forget that after all, in some mystical way, egg and sperm mate and form a child or two. Sometimes more. But not their parents.

When our last child went off to school, I’m talking about kindergarten, sex was the first thing my husband and I thought of when the door closed. Alone at last. Just as we were before all those children.

My Romance writing is not erotic. A bit steamy, yes but no gratuitous sex. We all know what goes into what so why carry on about it. Make sure there’s an emotional lead-in before heat and passion. In writing romance, I’ve discovered sex has to mean something, otherwise it’s the romance equivalent of Chekhov’s gun never being fired. The actor in me pictures the scene as I write aware of using the five senses to enhance and capture the reader. Add voices to fit the characters, descriptions to enrich whether it’s clothes, furnishings, setting. Read what you’ve written out loud; listen to your words. Tweak mercilessly or someone will fast forward your precious book, your baby.

I’m an author, new to the craft, in love with fictional worlds I create.

Sometimes even after a loved one has gone to a better world, he returns. . .especially when a conflict is unresolved and husband and wife can’t let go.

Excerpt from my novel “NOW WHAT?” a paranormal romance.

I dreamed a wondrous dream. A shimmer in the woods beckoned me closer. A shadowy shape I couldn’t resist. Without fear I moved into the shimmering layers of silver white, gold and purple. Enfolded in the sparkle of white light, heat rocked my insides, shot through every opening, poured like liquid gold from head to toe until a final pulsating hammered at my feminine core. I cried out for my husband, knowing he was with me. Slow withdrawal as my heartbeat returned to normal and joy filled my life even though the glow of his spirit faded.

It wasn’t a dream, wondrous as it was, I realized the next morning. Bob’s message was clear. He watched over me just as my mother, gone for many years, still remained close. This would be another well kept secret; this gift of acceptance without fear when visitations from the departed occurred.

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Charmaine Headshot for Author CentralCharmaine Gordon

After years of working as an actor on daytime drama, stage, movies and television, I had an idea for a story. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was like a sponge, soaking up knowledge as I read scripts. When I decided to write, it became an adventure. I wrote a scene, painted in the scenery with words instead of a paint brush, gave the characters direction and soon the characters took over.  I knew I couldn’t continue acting and begin a new career so I kissed the sweet time goodbye and took a chance.

Now I have six books with Vanilla Heart Publishing; “TO BE CONTINUED” romance; “STARTING OVER”-romance/suspense; “NOW WHAT?”paranormal romance; RECONSTRUCTING CHARLIE  romance/suspense; SIN of OMISSION second in the series after RC; and soon to be released THE CATCH third in the series: each a stand-alone story.

Thank you for having me here today, Sarah!

Sarah here: My absolute pleasure, Charmaine! Thank you for such a great post. I’ve enjoyed your visit! Readers, here’s a question for you: Would you leave a career you loved for another opportunity? What would encourage you take the plunge?