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Welcome readers! And for my fellow authors, whether you’re here from Weekend Writing Warriors (WeWriWa, also known as the new 8 Sentence Sunday) or as a refuge from the old Six Sentence Sunday group, I’m thrilled you’ve joined me. Today I’m sharing eight sentences from my romantic suspense LAST CALL, which will be just 99 cents when it releases from For the Muse Publishing later this month.

Coming Soon: romantic suspense for only 99 cents!

Nick and Rhys’s investigation led them to an affluent neighborhood where their prime suspect is holding an afternoon gala fundraiser.  As Rhys steps into the house, a butler approaches and things take an interesting turn.

“Miss Clark … this way, please.”

They’d found her. They knew her name. Worse, the butler was guiding her away from the crowd.

Away from Nick.

She turned, relieved to see he was right behind her. But his cold expression offered little comfort. Wordlessly, Nick placed a hand on the small of her back and followed her—no, pushed her—after the butler into the empty darkness of a wing clearly closed to the party.

(If you find Nick’s behavior confusing, suffice to say he has his own secrets and they’re about to hit the fan.)

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