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Okay, so “strange” is in the eye of the beholder (or perhaps those of the onlookers, lol) but suffice to say I’ve read a few dozen articles on increasing productivity and haven’t exactly seen these crop up. But I can’t be the only one … right? Eh, maybe. LOL. Anyway, as promised, I give you some of the little inspirations that–along with the awesome support of my readers–keep me writing, or at least encourage me to open the darn files every night.

Actual Plot Bunny

Actual Plot Bunny

1. My Pet Plot Bunny

Isn’t this adorable? This was one of many plot bunnies handmade by members of my local RWA chapter. It took me forever to choose one (seriously, they were worse than sad-faced little puppies begging “pick me!”) but in the end I selected this guy because my first love is romantic suspense and he came nicely accessorized for the genre. Why does this inspire me? Well, aside from being an Actual Plot Bunny, he rocks because he’s proof I went out there in the world and announced myself as an author. My knees are still a little wobbly three months after my first meeting, but I did it, dang it, and my little buddy here won’t let me forget it.

2. Live Kitten Cam

Yes, kittens. Naturally as I type this the kitten cam is frozen on a furry little butt, but most of the time this is my window into utter relaxation. When I tune in, it only takes a couple of moments to zone out the whirlwind that is my life and enjoy the serenity that is  a room full of playful kittens I don’t have to feed, clean up after, or, um, smell. This form of relaxation works amazingly well, and I have to credit my new editor for the tweet-out, lest I not have found it otherwise. (Yes, I was twit-stalking.) As it turns out, New Editor is also responsible for item #3 on my list….

revision towel

It also dries tears

3. Writer’s Revision Towel

The aforementioned New Editor gave me this. It reads:

Writer’s Revision Towel: Stuff in Mouth and Scream *With spit, can also be used to clean computer screens.

How the heck does it help me write? Like the plot bunny, it’s a reminder I stepped out into the world, MET MY EDITOR, and survived (and not only did she not run from me, but she’s still speaking to me to this day, lol). But there’s more to this kindness: there’s also this underlying threat. She’s going to edit the holy halo out of me, and I’m one of those authors who LOVES a good edit. And to that end, she’s going to pour hours of her time into my story, and it’s my job to make it a good one. And to do that, first I must write.

(And also check somewhat obsessively to see if the kitten cam is back.)

What are some of your daily inspirations? You don’t have to be an author to have one or two of these, so let’s hear ’em!