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1. I have a contract with Entangled Publishing, and I can’t wait to use it! LOL. I don’t know when my story comes out, but from what I’ve seen in the short amount of time I’ve been privy to the inner workings of Entangled, I have to say I’m incredibly impressed and being on the roster is a HUGE honor.

2. I took the very scary plunge and started going to a local chapter of RWA, where I’ve met some incredible people. This marks the first time the writerly me has left the computer and ventured into real life. I was terrified, but I survived … and I’m going back. 

3. Road trip! If nothing comes up work-wise and ruins it, my husband and I are surprising our kids with a road trip this fall. They’ll see some amazing things, and I can’t wait to share the experience I enjoyed so much as a kid.

4. 2012 had writerly baggage. One of my publishers imploded and the fallout is still … falling out. Though I’ve long put this behind me, turning the page on a brand new year makes moving on an official act.

5. LAST CALL, a romantic suspense with which I’ve struggled, is just about ready. I started it a year ago and stopped several times to bang my head against the wall. I also began – and finished – THREE other stories while LAST CALL didn’t happen. To put a period at the end of this one is a milestone for me.

6. One of the stories I finished is under revision on a request I never, ever in a million years thought would ever come my way. There are no details yet (and there won’t be any for months), but there’s a certain email I’ll probably read a dozen times a week because I just can’t believe it came. TO ME.

7. I might get my own bathroom this year. (If not, it’ll be early in 2014). I don’t mean “my own” as in not sharing with my husband. I mean “my own” as in having a house with more than one bathroom, LOL! (We’re planning to build a house, and the plans are AMAZING.)

8. New family business … or is it an old one? My husband, who probably works so hard just to stay out of the insanity that is our household, was finally able to get back into farming and livestock in 2012, and we’ll be in full production — and expanding — in 2013. Exciting times! (Yes, farming is exciting. LOL.)

9. We finally got the paperwork back from the Coast Guard on the “big boat” (that’s what we call it because we have several, which is of course my husband’s fault) so we can now hit the big ocean water and do whatever it is people do a few miles from shore. (I hear there are big fish out there. And rogue waves. Oy.)

10. My youngest kid is potty trained. After changing diapers nonstop for OVER FOURTEEN YEARS, there are NO MORE DIAPERS in my life. NONE. (Okay, that’s not entirely true. There’s a couple leftover packs we use for long rides in the car, though the kid in question screams “NOT BABY!” when there are no other options. Talk about an awesome tantrum!)

11. My husband hits a milestone birthday this year. I’m 3.5 years younger, so he’ll get to be old and I’ll be … well, not quite as old. For a little bit longer … or it is always that way?

12. Even though they drive me freaking NUTS (I homeschool them … all six of them), I have a bunch of offspring who are always complimented on their kindness and good behavior. I also have an amazing, wonderful husband who for some reason adores me and is home every night. Everyone is healthy and I’m grateful for every day I share with them. (No, really. ALL THE DAYS.) Also, for my mom, who rotates them through spending the night at her house, and once a month or so TAKES THEM ALL FOR 24 HOURS. In that one fell swoop, she wins Mother AND Grandmother of the year. *cheers and applause*

13. The number 13 ROCKS. Therefore, I insist 2013 will be awesome. No, I DECREE it. So there.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! What are you most excited about in 2013?