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Thank you all so much for your congratulations! Last week while I was doing the Entangled Publishing happy dance, Rhys asked Nick for (ahem) a new set of memories … and he WALKED AWAY. I promised a followup, so while this doesn’t make for a profound six, LOL, I’m delivering.

She turned to see the pile of blankets moved to the floor. Nick approached and took her hand. “I’m pretty good at making memories,” he said softly. “Problem is, they’re not good ones.”

His words pieced together denial, but his tone—warm and a bit uncertain—left her reeling with its tenderness. “We have a few good ones,” she said, silently damning her shaky voice.

(If you’re wondering about the floor, it’s the only option in this little hideout. The blankets were folded on a wooden chair, so the floor is progress, LOL!)

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