Coming soon to FTMP!

I am so insanely excited I finally get to announce this that I’m going to tell you all first: I just signed with Entangled Publishing! I have a Flirt in the making, and — bonus — my new editor ROCKS. I’m uncharacteristically giddy over this news, so I’m going to go ahead and annoy all of you who have spent the last few weeks falling in love with Nick. Buahahahahaa!

Last week Nick tried to give Rhys the brushoff by suggesting her extra-strength ibuprofen had her saying things she didn’t mean. They’re stuck in a safehouse for the night and Rhys is all about letting the past be the past, but Nick isn’t so sure. 

She fiddled with his shirt so he wouldn’t see her hands shake. “No, the past won’t change. But we have this one night. Let tonight be what I remember.”

Nick looked at her for a long time before seeming to make a decision.

Then he walked away.

D’oh! Okay, okay. It’s not as bad as it looks. *grin* We’ll follow up next week. For now, happy Six Sentence Sunday, everyone! (I’m doing the Entangled happy dance. Did you all know there’s an Entangled happy dance? There IS! SQUEE!)

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