At over 12″ long and standing more than 9″ high, this is one of my favorites. Click image to see more.

I grew up watching my grandmother decorate cakes, and some of my favorite memories are of leafing through her Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbooks. They smelled of homemade icing and were just full of amazing, glorious cakes. The last time I looked through her books with her was the day my husband-to-be and I found our wedding cake, which–at about five feet tall with five layers with a fountain beneath–was the last cake she made before she retired.

My own “career” in cakes started with my firstborn’s first birthday. I’ve never been taught, trained, or otherwise schooled. My cakes won’t ever make the front page–I refuse to use fondant, nor will I take the time to make every speck of icing perfect–but over the last thirteen years I’ve literally made hundreds. I still have about three years worth of cakes to find–after baby number six was born, I failed to update my photo collection–but if you head on over to the link below, you’ll find many of my favorites.

Enjoy … it’s a calorie-free indulgence!