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We have an unwanted house guest this weekend — her name is Sandy — and if she keeps me off the computer I will catch up with your blogs and comments as soon as I am able. Here’s to electricity and internet, LOL!

Last week, we saw former detective Rhys escape an attack — one that only fueled Nick’s suspicions there’s something she’s not telling him. Remember, Nick and Rhys have a combative relationship. Also of note, her “death” the day before had been reported on the local news, which explains his initial response in the six.

Immediately prior to this six, he asks if she’s on a case. Her response is that she is NOT, after which he says this:

“Fair assumption, considering your untimely demise. Technicalities aside . . .”

Rhys wanted to keep her cards close, but somehow they’d been set up. She didn’t yet know how her being shot tied into Nick’s arrival in town, but the timing was suspect, at best. Someone forced her hand, and with any luck, together she and Nick could figure out who and why.

They didn’t have to like it.

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