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If you’ve been following this story, you may remember Cutter, a former police contact Nick wanted to call when he found out about Rhys’s “death.” Problem is, both Nick and Rhys are off the force, which makes the use of Cutter and his resources a no-no. In this six, Nick and Rhys have made it away from the wharf and are trying to figure out what to do next. The first line of speech is Nick’s.

“I’ve got Cutter on it.”

She frowned, inwardly sidestepping the twinge of discomfort lingering over Nick’s association with their former colleague. “You seem to forget, Cutter isn’t ours this time.”

“Yeah, well, guess what, Rhys. I no longer have any contacts in this town. Next time you get yourself killed and your body snatched, perhaps you could suggest someone else to get tied up in this with you.” 

*warning: this segment has not yet met the brutal hand of my editor*

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