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Nick went to a burned-out warehouse because he was promised information about Rhys. There, he was greeted by a gun at the base of his skull and an offer he couldn’t refuse: Keep Rhys alive and hidden,  or they’ll both die.

All the times he imagined her in his arms, and he’d only managed it twice–once when he’d shot her, and again when someone else had. Or so he’d heard, but the media obviously had this one wrong. She was very much alive, and his suspicions were more on point than ever. The entire situation screamed a cover up, but if the cops wanted to purport her death—something not unprecedented when it came to protecting a witness or an undercover operation—it made zero sense a thug with a gun would be the one handing her over to anyone, let alone Nick.

That last part had been a mistake. A big one.

*warning: this WIP has not yet met the brutal hand of my editor.*

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