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Romantic suspense coming this summer to FOR THE MUSE PUBLISHING!

This snippet from my romantic suspense LAST CALL immediately follows last week’s six. Rhys hoped a jog would take her mind off Nick, who she has just seen for the first time in months. But the attempt failed, and now she’s standing on the deserted road, annoyed with herself for stepping into an ice-cold puddle that soaked her foot.

Another blast of icy air howled through the narrow street. If she hadn’t been standing still, she probably wouldn’t have heard what followed it.


Not all that unusual for the derelict part of town, but something—the urgency, perhaps—raised her guard. She glanced around as the voices drew closer and more intense, every syllable punctuated by rapid footsteps smacking the wet pavement. Then the echo of a gunshot cracked the night.

*warning: this WIP has not yet met the brutal hand of my editor.*

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