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Romantic suspense coming this summer to FOR THE MUSE PUBLISHING!

TIDE OF LIES came to a shocking end last week, so now we’re kicking off a look at LAST CALL, a romantic suspense I’m so close to finishing I can’t figure out why I’m not *done* yet, LOL. As the story begins, ex-detective Rhys has recently sighted her former partner, Nick, who accidentally shot her several months prior, then promptly left town without a word.

Rhys didn’t know which required more nerve on Nick’s part—leaving town or crawling back—but both events had left her bitter and raw. And wet, she grumbled inwardly, not quite able to enjoy the double entendre with the cold seeping bone deep. With the sky spitting rain and the occasional pellet of sleet smacking her in the face, she should have skipped her evening jog. The street on which she ran was little more than a concrete alley of shuttered business, the emptiness amplified by the bleak weather. But tonight, with Nick hot on her mind, the cold was a last ditch effort to return to her senses.

It hadn’t worked.

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