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Publisher Books To Go Now is seeking manuscripts. The following information is from their submission guidelines page, which can be found here.

BOOKS TO GO NOW Submission Guidelines

Our mission is to make sure that as a writer, you get the respect you deserve as a published author.

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to contact us our email address bookstogonow @ gmail.com

Books To Go Now is a commercial fiction publisher. Our goal is to supply the highest quality stories for our readers. Please keep that principle in mind before considering Books to Go Now as the publisher.

If published the author will receive a 60/40 split of the net amount with Books to Go Now .

Currently we are looking at a 1 to 2 week turn around  time. If it is longer, we will contact you.

Books to Go Now is actively seeking all genres of short story fiction.

At this time Books to Go Now is only considering books between 8,000- 30,000 words for print.

General Submission Information:

* Submit only completed pieces of work

* Books to Go Now is open to self-published and/or previously-published works as long as the author holds the exclusive rights to work.

* Submissions are reviewed on a daily basis. If you do not receive confirmation of receipt within 14 days of submission,please feel free to re-contact us.

* Please inform us if the submitted manuscript is being offered elsewhere simultaneously, and keep us informed of its status.

Length Requirements:

As for now Books to Go Now is ONLY looking for

* Short Stories: 8,000

In the future we may look at longer works, but for now we are focusing on our short story ePub market and apps eBook downloads.


20-30,000 words

We are actively seeking submissions in these genres (in no particular order of importance):

* Romance (all categories)

* Historical

* Erotica

* Mystery

* Paranormal

* Fantasy

* Action/Adventure

*  Young Adult that fits one of the categories above

* Science Fiction

Right now we are NOT accepting


* Inspirational

* Horror

* Non-Fiction

* Literary Fiction

* Fiction that does not fit into one of the categories listed above

* Woman’s Fiction


We only want completed  original works. You don’t need to send a query first. Just send the full story in the listed format below.

Please send completed short story as an attachment.

Submissions should be made via our email bookstogonow @ gmail.com

Please double space, use 12 point font, to save our eyes and page count.

You MUST include the following information in your cover email:

* Name

* Pen name

* Contact phone

* Working title (include series name and details if applicable)

* Word count

* Genre(s)

* A short blurb (no more than three paragraphs, please) Elevator Pitch 🙂

* All submissions should be sent to: bookstogonow@gmail.com


* Please name your book file BOOKTITLE_sub


* File type: .rtf or .doc only

* 12pt black font (Times New Roman, Cambria or Georgia preferred)

* Margins: 1″ all

* Double space between lines.

* No double-spaces or extra returns between paragraphs

* Use your word processing functions to indent new paragraphs. Do not tab or use the space bar.

* Page-breaks between chapters

* Do not use style elements or sections breaks

Please do include a title page listing the following information:

* Name

* Pen name

* Contact phone

* Working title (include series name and details if applicable)

* Word count

* Genre(s)

Our email is bookstogonow @ gmail.com

Regarding objectionable content, Books to Go Now will not consider any work that justifies, glorifies, or excuses the following subject matter:

* ANY abuse to women.

*Manuscripts we WILL NOT ACCEPT are: Pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, rape, incest, fan fiction, snuff, mommy/daddy/child fantasies, asphyxiation, felching, any type of play that involves bodily fluids (which includes solid form).

Mailing address: Books to Go Now, P.O. Box 1283, Poulsbo, 98370