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Thrilling new romantic suspense! Click image for several electronic formats, including PDF and Kindle/Nook files.

TIDE OF LIES is *now available* from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Noble Romance! And for the scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the lies, check out FAMILIAR LIGHT, on sale for $1.50.

In this six, Holden has entered the beach house but Julia is nowhere to be seen. He’s got his gun trained on the killer, but Holden’s demands as to her whereabouts have gone unanswered.

“Where is Julia?”

(BLEEP) leaned forward, threading his fingers together. “Told you, motherfucker. She’s dead.”

Holden’s sense of control splintered. In one long stride he had (BLEEP) by the collar, the barrel of the gun putting a considerable dent in the flesh at his temple.

Only one more week with TIDE OF LIES! Stay tuned to find out how it ends … or not. *grin*

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