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J.N. Johnson is an author after my own heart. Her debut release, PASSIONATE TIDES, is set on the NC coast, which happens to be one of my favorite spots. (Three of my six books are set there, LOL.) J.N. isn’t stopping with her debut—she’s already got another book scheduled for release in July. Ready to meet this new (and prolific!) author? Check out her interview, then stick around to find out what you might win if you visit her website!

Welcome, and congratulations on the release of your debut novel PASSIONATE TIDES. How did you feel when you got the news you were being published for the first time?

It could only compare to the day I had my girls. I screamed, danced and jumped on the bed I was so excited and to hear the news from a friend made it that much more special.

Definitely awesome to get the news from a friend! Your bio reveals you used to go with your mother and grandmother to trade books for those you wanted to read. I love how the love of reading was something shared between three generations. Have you been able to share your writing accomplishments with either of them?

My mom was waiting by the computer for that moment when Passionate Tides went live and bought the second copy, my hubby bought the first. Mom is my biggest cheerleader and in all honesty I think she was more excited than me when she found out. My grandmother passed away before I was published but I know that she would have been proud. She always told me to be independent and follow to  my dreams. When she passed away they asked what I wanted to remember her, I took her old recliner that she sat in and read for hours. Jewelry is nice but this was how I wanted to remember her, happy with a romance in her hands.

Aw, wow. What a wonderful thing of hers to have—so very special for you, and what a memory attached to it! Now that I’m all sentimental, I’ll say this: I have a particular (and sentimental) fondness for the North Carolina coast. What prompted you to set PASSIONATE TIDES on NC’s Topsail Island?

My husband’s family is from Topsail Island and Wilmington NC and since the first time I set foot on the quiet beaches I fell in love. When I was a kid we spent our summer vacations at Myrtle Beach where you had to fight for a spot on the sand but at Topsail you could look for miles and never see another person. When I was dreaming up Passionate Tides I knew that I wanted to set it on Topsail because of the romantic feel of the south end there were endless possibilities for my characters to explore.

I so love those rural spots. (My husband and I have a spot further north where we’re almost always alone on the beach. It’s heavenly!) What might readers be surprised to learn about the plot or characters of PASSIONATE TIDES?

The heat level seems to be the biggest surprise. For such a short story there is a lot of hot moments between Paisley and Jake.

Oh, YUM! *grins* Let’s have some fun with the story. What’s the first sentence?

This is the start to Paisleys rocky road!

 It had been nearly two months since the papers officially ending Paisley’s marriage of ten years were dropped off at her door.

Ouch. I imagine that was quite a moment. What’s your favorite line in the book?

This is my second favorite sentence, my first is in the excerpt but this one makes me laugh, the scene reminds me of something I would do.

 “I tried to cook you this amazing dinner so that I could see you smile. Who knew all I had to do was set the place on fire.”

LMAO! That’s a fantastic line! How about an excerpt … three sentences long! Yep, that’s it. Three!

Wow that’s tough but here is a sneak peek of my favorite scene.

“Is this seat taken?” When she saw the book in his hands she no longer had to fake the smile on her face. “Are you reading a romance novel?” She swore she saw his cheeks flush from embarrassment.

 “Yes, I am and I’m man enough to admit it.”

Whatta guy! *grin* Which scene of PASSIONATE TIDES was most difficult for you to write? Why?

I think it’s the conversation between Paisley and her best friend Tiffany. I had trouble getting the conversation to seem real and not scripted.

Which scene would you most like to experience for yourself? From whose POV?

Ouch that’s a hard one. Paisley has some tough scenes with the breakup of her marriage and the hard decisions she has to make along the way but if I have to pick just one I would say the first date. I have been married for twelve years to my high school sweetheart and we are still in the honeymoon stage but the experience of the first kiss and first date is a powerful one that I would be happy to relive. Now for the POV that’s easy I know what that feeling was like as the girl but I would love to know what effect it has on the guy.

That’s a really interesting perspective I don’t think I’ve ever considered—what is that moment like for a guy? (Must be good the way they’re hooked by it, huh? LOL!) What inspired the title of PASSIONATE TIDES?

I had decided to name my book after my favorite Ice Cream shop on Topsail, Island Delights but because of trademarks and such I had to change it. Myself, my hubby and Marissa Dobson brainstormed to come up with a new name. After lots of searches and deleted my husband Nathan suggested Passionate Tides and we had a winner!

Yay! And it’s a great title – I love it! Speaking of titles, what’s next for you?

I have a few projects going right now, the first is A Bitter Reunion which will be published by Ruby Lioness Press as part of the Clearwater Series July 20, 2012 I’m patiently waiting for edits so that I can share Lilly and Joshua’s story with the world. The second is Unwanted Proposal and is a work in progress that will also be a part of the Clearwater Series but a release date hasn’t been set yet. I also have a paranormal that I wrote a year ago that is screaming for an ending.


Paisley feels like her life is falling apart and nothing can help her climb out of the hole that seems to be getting deeper and deeper with each new obstacle she faces…

After leaving his home in Tennessee Jake hopes that he can find a fresh start from the past he wants to leave behind…

Can two lost souls find love in Topsail Island, North Carolina? Or will they let their past ruin their second chances at true love?


J.N. JOHNSON | bio & links

Living in her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, JN Johnson is the proud mother of two beautiful little girls and is married to her high school sweetheart (and greatest supporter ) whom she considers the rock that keeps her grounded.

She was first introduced to the world of fantasy when she was seven years old reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe making her never want to read about “the real world” again. Her mother and grandmother’s love of romance novels gave her the opportunity to learn about book trading, taking all of their old books to the local flea market to trade for anything that sparked her interest. Those days are long gone; her books now stay safely on her book shelves at home and out of harm’s way.

She loves to hear from readers, writers and reviewers so please drop her a note at jenn@jnjohnsonauthor.com or her on Facebook.

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Thank you so much for having me on your site today, this has been an amazing journey that I cannot wait to take again later this year with my next release A Bitter Reunion. I am having a contest to win an Amazon gift card on my site www. JNJohnsonauthor.com it’s easy to enter you just have to leave me a comment. I love to hear what people are reading and what they think of Passionate Tides so stop by and say hi!

J.N., I’m honored to be a part of your debut tour. Congratulations with your release, and best of luck to you with this and all of your releases to follow! Readers, thanks so much for being here. I hope you’ll take a moment to say hello!