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Today is my I-don’t-care-if-you-were-sterilized,-I’m-coming-anyway post-tubal baby’s birthday. She’s the youngest of six and turning the big 0-2 and we’re having a party with the grandparents and — count ’em — TWO birthday cakes! (Mainly because she had to have her decorated cake — says me — and I was in the mood for red velvet with cream cheese icing, and you can’t beat it homemade. *grin*) She’s have a flowers theme (just regular flowers — she adores them) and she was SO excited when we bought planters overflowing with blooms to use as centerpieces on the picnic table for her birthday dinner. “Fowers, mom! Fowers! Pree! Tinks!” (Um, that’s “pretty” and “thanks.” She actually says thank you, unprompted. Isn’t that cool?)


My little monster shares her birthday with my future son-in-law. He’s also two today (yes, you read that right .. TWO). His mom and I were both due in June (2010) and met through an online expecting club. Our original due dates were back to back (I think the 11th and 12th, or maybe the 12th and 13th). Near the end of our pregnancies, we were both scheduled for induction on the same day (June 2 I think) and we ended up having our babies on the same day (May 26) well ahead of those scheduled inductions. It turns out she and I have so much in common we decided instead to start counting our differences, just for the novelty of it. (I think we’re up to five things about which we don’t emphatically agree). Our newly terrible-twos don’t know it yet, but we think they’re made for one another. *grin*  Happy, Happy Birthday, J!


I owe you guys one. I’ve not kept up with my blog as well as I should, and I’m behind on responding to comments. My internet connection is sketchy, and I don’t know if it’s my computer, my modem, or just my proximity to all things electronic. Sometimes nothing works, others I can use my husband’s computer, and others I’m just yanking out my hair. We’re still troubleshooting, and until trouble is officially shot please know I’m doing my best and I *will* respond to you all. Thank you for your continued attention and support. You guys ROCK! And on that note…

Have a fantastic weekend!