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Thrilling new romantic suspense! Click image for several electronic formats, including PDF and Kindle/Nook files.

TIDE OF LIES is *now available* from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Noble Romance! And for the scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the lies, check out FAMILIAR LIGHT, on sale for $1.50.

In this six, Holden approaches the beach house where he believes Julia is held by a killer.

Keeping to the ornamental grasses and what little bit of cover the landscaping offered, Holden crept closer. When he was out of hiding spots, he darted to the first of several pilings holding the house a dozen feet off the ground. He drew several deep breaths. It occurred to him (BLEEP) might not even be inside, but Holden didn’t dwell on the possibility—especially considering a property search in neighboring counties didn’t turn up a thing.

He needed to find Julia. Now.

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