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Sarah here: Today I’m thrilled to welcome author Angela Aaron to the stage with her newest release, THE FIRE OF BELTANE. I’m about halfway through this book and I’ve got to tell you all, the writing is just exquisite. I hope you all enjoy this introduction to this captivating story. Angela, take it away!

Feel good romance at its barest.  Feel the heat.

When the impossible becomes possible and dreams do come true…literally

When Aedan is denied his soul mate that fateful Beltane night, he is given the gift of immortality, permitting him to wait for her prophesized return. Reunited after eleven-hundred years, he is disheartened to learn his true love holds no memory of him.

Wishing for a distraction from the winter doldrums, Aislinn never expected to be caught up in a whirlwind of magic and danger with a man she has spent her whole life dreaming about. What he asks of her tests the very reality she holds dear.

Now, as Beltane approaches, and with time running out, Aedan and Aislinn must reach Ireland to pledge their love to one another. But in order to live out their destinies, they must overcome an ancient foe determined to see an end to their fated love.

Eleven hundred years he waited for her. He could lose her in a single moment.

Content warning:  Sizzling graphic love scenes, ancient public fertility ceremony

A Note from Angela:

Hi. Thanks for inviting me to introduce my newest Erotic Romance, The Fire of Beltane.

Imagine this:  It is 6:30 a.m. on a freezing February morning.  The air is biting crisp and the sky is clear.  It is “nose-hair-sticking” cold.  There isn’t another soul around as I pull into the parking lot of work.  I have no desire to get out of my warm car and instead decide to finish my coffee and mumble about the winter doldrums. I look to my left and there is the biggest, brightest full moon I’ve ever seen and it captivates my full attention.  Being the hopeless romantic I am, found myself wondering how much magic that moon really has, and wouldn’t it be grand if I walked inside the building and stepped into an adventure with a handsome alpha hero.  Well, the whimsical thought came and went and I eventually braved the cold and headed into work.  As I entered the building the thought came to me that I should write down what I was just thinking and make a story out of the experience. That’s how The Fire of Beltane was born.

I spent the next few months observing and jotting down notes and ideas that kept flooding my brain. I developed my characters from watching the people around me.  My heroine, Aislinn (pronounced Ashlynn) is the combination of 3 different people and my Hero Aedan, on the other hand is pure made-up alpha fantasy. I love to write strong but flawed and terribly perfect heroes because that is what I like to read.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The Fire of Beltane is a story full of sizzling romance, magic and mystery; where the impossible becomes possible.  It’s a story where dreams come true…literally.

It is a feel good story at its barest! The love scenes are hot-hot-hot, but it can be no other way for Aedan and Aislinn.

And yes…I did write the “moon” scene into the story.

THE FIRE OF BELTANE | Interview with Aedan

Sarah here. We have a special treat today, as Aedan has agreed to join us for a few questions. (*whispers* You guys are going to LOVE this!) Aedan, welcome!

Hi Ya Lass,

Thanks for havin me on yer blog.  Ms Aaron spoke verra highly of ya, and suggested I give a few questions a go.  So…I’m ready and willin (and I do have a twinkle in me eye sayin that!)

The pleasure is all ours, Aedan! I have to say, I love your story. You waited so long for Aislinn. How did you not lose hope?

Eleven hundred years is a verra long time to be waitin on someone. I dinnae think it ‘twould be that long.  I did start loosin a bit of hope toward the end, just before meeting Aislinn.  I became restless and frightened the magic wouldnae last. I feared my existence was destined to be eternal and empty. But now I ken the restlessness was my spirit awaking, preparing me for once again meeting Aislinn.

Now, donnae go thinkin me a saint. I’m nae even close.  I am a mon after all.  I did have lasses warmin me bed on occasion. They were a wee bit of comfort on lonely nights but nothing more. My heart always did and always will belong to Aislinn.

What was the moment like when you saw her for the first time? How did the feelings compare to when you first met her in her previous life?

Och, Ms. Ballance.  Ye have to ken when I met Aislinn in the past, I already had a sense of her in me heart from the age of eight.  She was always a part of me, as I was a part of her. When me brother destroyed our union and she taken away, her feelins vanished from inside me.  I was so empty I didnae ken if I would be able to survive. I missed her so much. But ’twas the promise of one day finding her that kept me goin. When I saw her again, standin in the gift shop, all the sensations of her came flooding through me with such force, for a moment I dinnae ken what was happenin. I could feel her again. That warm “thrum” inside me that would only grow and entwine with my soul with the coming Beltane. There are nae words to describe how that feels. ‘Tis magic.

When did you first find out of your brother Brennis’s intentions?

I hadnae done any magic for a verra long time.  Your world isnae so accepting, you ken. But ’twas necessary that night on the beach at Aislinn’s grandmare’s cottage.  I had to find out who was trying to harm Aislinn. I scared her that night, with the power I wielded, but because of that power, I was able to learn Brennis was alive and continued to plot against me. I should have known he’d continue to torment me long after he should have been dead.

Looking back over everything you went through to get back to Aislinn, is there anything you’d do differently?

Och, Christ Lass, I wouldnae have waited so long!  I would undo all the pain and heartache Aislinn went through, but ’twas not in my power to change any of it. Only the Lady knew when the time would be right, when our destinies would meet.

Are ya satisified with these answers, Ms. Ballance?  I’m needin to get back to my woman, now.  She’s givin me a verra hungry look and I’m  thinking I can quench her appetite.

Oh, dear. Have at her, Aedan. (And don’t mind Ms. Aaron taking notes over there in the corner while you’re … quenching. It’s an author thing. *wink*) As for the rest of us, let’s indulge in a little excerpt, shall we?


Aislinn nervously peaked out the window for the hundredth time to make sure she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Surely, no one would find her up here. But every little noise made her jump. She was having second thoughts about her decision to flee Aedan’s hotel last night. This seemed a pattern with her, fleeing when things

seemed too impossible. And impossible they were, and unlikely, and unreal, and unbelievable and all the other “uns” she could think of.

She paced across the small living room, stopping to warm her hands by the fire and to turn over her jeans, which were hanging over a chair drying out. She hadn’t planned this little escape very well and hadn’t prepared for such rough arrangements in the tiny cottage with no heat and no electricity. All her belongings were still at the hotel except for her wallet, which she’d had sense enough to grab, knowing she would have to buy food on the way here. God, this was déjà vu.

The key still resided over the doorjamb where Gram always kept it, and there were a few logs cut and stacked in the backyard; she’d trudged through the drifts and carried them in for a fire. She placed the leftover food in the snow bank out the back door and hoped the raccoons didn’t discover it. Water trickled from the faucet, so the pipes were not totally frozen.

She could make do, she thought.

She chided herself for not seeing to the upkeep of the cottage after Gram had passed. But she hadn’t the heart. There were a lot of memories here, and it was extremely difficult for her to come here. Still, the small house would feel more comforting if she had a lantern, candles, or even batteries in the flashlight, now, as darkness approached.

Making a mental list of everything she should do tomorrow, such as shovel the walkway, bring in more wood, and make sure her car wasn’t stuck in the snow covered driveway, didn’t really keep her thoughts from straying to Aedan.

Weird, but she felt safer when Aedan was present. She wished with night approaching, he was here, regardless of who or what he was.

Aedan was definitely imposing enough to discourage anyone from harming her, but that didn’t seem to stop the man yesterday. She reminded herself. However, he was dead, right?


She shook her head. Dead guys on the television, a man from the past, public fertility ceremonies, warriors, battles . . . .

Aislinn paced and peered outside again, thinking any sleep tonight probably out of the question. She hadn’t slept at all since being shot and learning Aedan’s story. She was functioning on pure adrenalin.

Aislinn picked up the poker from the fireplace and sat on the floor between the couch and the hearth, perched for any would-be attacker. She would have to face the fact some time and admit she hadn’t stopped tingling since the intimate interlude in the living room of Aedan’s hotel.

His whole body covered hers and wrapped around her so possessively. He would have taken her, pinning her right there against the window with his hard, muscled thighs, and lord knows she was going to let him if not for the whole “I’m from the past” thing creeping into her thoughts at that very moment. Very little conversation passed between them after he’d been so intimately pressed against her.

By how tense and irritable he’d acted the rest of the evening, he had been obviously frustrated by the abrupt halt she’d called to their lovemaking.

She couldn’t deny the pull she felt toward him. The attraction pulsed so strongly within her, she could hear it. She couldn’t seem to come to grips with everything else he’d explained though.

And now, here she sat, with no more answers, and no more in control of anything than before, equally as frustrated at how her body betrayed her mind.

Now dark was descending, and she was scared, and even if he was only a figment of her dreams, she’d give anything for that figment to be here. She didn’t know what to do if someone came at her with a gun again, and she didn’t like feeling so frightened and alone.

She stiffened, hearing a noise outside. Her grip on the fire poker tightened. She stood quietly while the seconds ticked away, then tiptoed toward the small kitchen where she thought she heard the sound. She tried to look out, but the darkness

prevented her seeing anything. She heard the noise again, and raised the poker above her head.

The door suddenly burst open, and Aislinn squeezed her eyes tight and brought the stick down with all of her might. The rod halted mid-stroke, jolting her arms in their sockets. The poker was yanked from her grasp. Aislinn let out a scream.

“God’s blood, woman!” Aedan bellowed loudly, easily catching the iron rod in his large hand. “I’m tryin’ to protect ya, and I cannae do that if ya run away from me.”

Relief crossed Aislinn’s face at recognizing Aedan’s voice. She patted her heart, trying to slow the frantic beating. Aedan hurriedly pulled her against his chest, wrapping his arms around her.

“Donnae run again.” He commanded, resting his chin on the top her head, reluctant to let her out of his embrace. “Och, ’tis good yer safe, lass,” he whispered into her hair.

“You scared the shit out of me.” Aislinn pulled out of his arms and stepped away.

“Ya looked a might fine and brave, screaming and waving that wee stick around.”

“Stop teasing me. I can take care of myself.”

“Och, Christ. Not that again.” He rolled his eyes as Aislinn jerked the poker from his hand, scowling at him.

“Where are yer trews?” Aedan’s eyes deliberately raked slowly down her long, shapely legs, then as slowly back up, lingering where the juncture of her thighs hid under the hem of her shirt.


“Yer pants, lass? Why are ya runnin’ around in yer underwear? Not that I mind—makes the drive up here weel worth it—but you’ll catch a chill.” He smiled smugly.

She squirmed from his bold admiration of her body.

“Drying out. I spent half the day bringing in the wood and I got soaked. I didn’t bring anything else with me.” Aislinn stepped to the couch and grabbed a blanket, wrapping it around her waist affording him no more opportunity to leer.

“I’ve got yer bags in my car.” He said, moving his gaze from her to the room.

“The cottage is a bit primitive,” Aislinn apologized.

Aislinn watched Aedan’s keen sense of observation firsthand, as he glanced around making mental notes of the layout of the cabin.

“‘Tis sturdy enough. Is there no light?” Aedan asked, inspecting a lantern on the table and checking for fuel.

“No lantern fuel.” Aislinn shrugged.

“‘Twill be warm enough if we stay by the fireplace tonight.” He rubbed her arm reassuringly. “In the morning, I’ll check the propane tank,” Aedan said, apparently at ease with the simplicity of all he saw and the lack of comforts the modern world took for granted.

“I’ll get our bags from the car. I think there is enough wood for the night; tomorrow, I will gather more…

Want more? Read the entire first chapter for free at Noble Romance (no registration required). But before you go, check out the video trailer and let Angie know what you think. We’re looking forward to your comments!