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Get caught up in Elaina Lee’s VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR! Click image for more information.

I am *very* excited to have my pal Elaina Lee here today, and she brought company . . . a *paperback* copy of her book to give away. Check out the full details at the end of the interview, and in the  meantime, prepare to be entertained. A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR is one of those rare romantic comedies that will *literally* have you laughing out loud. You’re going to love this!

**Giveaway closed** Congrats to winner Cindy B!

Welcome, Elaina! A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR is a hilarious, laugh-out-loud Southern comedy I’ve made no secret of absolutely loving. What inspired you to tackle the genre?

Well I wasn’t so inspired to write the genre as I was to write the story itself.  I’m from Oregon, and while I did a brief stint in Florida, nothing was like moving to Alabama for a northern raised person such as myself!  The people and culture in the south are so different from anywhere else, I just had to attempt to tackle the topic!

I had no idea you weren’t from Alabama—talk about culture shock, lol! I can see how the transition inspired the book, and you did such an amazing job with it. Can you introduce our readers to the book? How about something we won’t learn from the blurb!

My heroine, Hollee, has a bad influence for a best friend who is constantly getting Hollee into trouble, including being the little voice telling her to ‘go for it’ with my hero, Kaiden!

But she’s so much FUN! Lol. I’m a Southern girl myself, as I know you are, and it didn’t get past me the fun you poked at some long-standing clichés. They were, of course, monumentally funny. Any worries about igniting controversy?

Not really, because while they may be cliches there really are people like that out there, or situations in my book that still do happen!  I’ve experienced them, LOL!  And I tried really hard to put everything in a respectful light, no matter the situation.  🙂

I dare say most of us Southerners—especially the rural ones—really have encountered some of these folks (and may even be related to a few such characters. *ahem*) I think you did a great job! As far as A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR goes, what might readers be surprised to learn about the plot or characters?

Two of the supporting characters are not actually mine!  My long time crit partner and good friend Kate Devlin and I were talking one day about odd names and she said “Lynzee” I immediately said I woman with a name like that has to be married to a man named “Bubba”.  And Bubba and Lynzee were born!  She will feature them in her books as well, so be sure to look for this hilarious duo in BOTH our books in the future!

Those two are HILARIOUS! That’s so cool they’ll appear in more stories—they’re unforgettable in AVSA. *grin* Let’s have some fun with the book, shall we? What’s the first sentence?

The faint tinker-tinker of the door chime echoed around the quiet parlor of Hollee Emmaleigh Rutherford’s bridal agency.

I think that was her last semi-calm moment, LOL! What’s your favorite line in the book?  

“Sure, give me a shovel and a hole in your backyard… I’ll do something about him.”  *snicker* It’ll come as no surprise to those who have read the book my favorite line would have to do with demise of Teddy.

Of course! LOL. How about an excerpt … three sentences long! Yep, that’s it. Three! 

His fingers still brushed along her jaw, sending little flutters through her chest to her stomach. Hollee’s eyes fell to his mouth, which was so close all she had to do was lean forward and she could kiss him. Did she dare be so bold?

Awesome glimpse at the sexy side of this AFFAIR. ;c) Which scene was most difficult for you to write? Why? 

None of it was actually hard to write because it was a comedy without a lot of extra drama.  I think the hardest part was trying to keep my hero from being completely immasculated with the situations I put him into!

OMGosh, that poor guy. I almost felt guilty laughing sometimes, but, well, *only* almost. LOL! Which scene would you most like to experience for yourself? From whose POV?

I guess Hollee’s, when she gets the one up on Teddy, who created all kinds of a havoc.  I would have love to have seen his face in real life when she told him about the tick!  *grin*

Yes, folks, she said tick. And yes, it’s funny! LOL. What inspired A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR’s title?

The title was actually a last minute change when my editor agreed my working title was far too long.  I wanted something that had Southern in it, but it was hard to find anything that sounded good.  So I just decided A Very Southern Affair, simple and to the point.  🙂

And a great, wildly appropriate title! And speaking of great titles, what’s next for you?

I was working on a new series, but I’m sort of stalled.  I think I’m actually going to start writing the sequel to AVSA while I figure out where to go next in my WIP.  I’m also working on rewriting a novella I wrote six years ago, which will hopefully release at Halloween!

I’m excited to know there’s so much on your horizon, Elaina. ;c) Let’s give readers a closer look at AVSA, then we’ll tell them how they can win it.

A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR | blurb & links

Convinced everyone she falls in love with will end up six feet under, Hollee isn’t looking for a relationship when Mr. Kaiden Thorne shows up in front of her bridal agency.  She’s just looking for a way to save her small southern town from going bankrupt, and he’s the only person who can make sure that happens.  Hollee is in for more than she bargains as her attraction to Kaiden takes over and the city begins to show just how far they’ll go to make sure big changes don’t come to their small town.

Kaiden agreed to come to the tiny community for one reason: To salvage what’s left of his career.  Mistakes begin repeating themselves the second he lays eyes on Hollee, however.  If  he can’t make the project work and keep his hands off her, his second chance will be gone forever.  He learns quickly though, he’ll need patience in more ways than one when it comes to Belleville, Alabama.

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ELAINA LEE | bio & links

Elaina lives in the Deep South with her husband and their two boys, a teenager and a three-year-old.  Writing came for Elaina at an early age, when a teacher gave an assignment to create a fictional world.  The words haven’t stopped flowing since.   Elaina’s other works include the acclaimed, award-winning romantic suspense, Written in Blood, and the contemporary romances First Kiss and To Urn Her Love.

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As promised, there is a paperback copy of A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR for one lucky reader to win! (Please note: Due to the cost of international shipping, this giveaway is only open to U.S. addresses.) To enter, leave a comment with your email address. And for fun, although it’s not required, tell about us your favorite South vs. North moments. (I’ve had several, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the shock of going to Wendy’s in Pennsylvania and learning they did not serve sweet tea. *gasp* No, really, I was troubled by this. Incredulous, even.)

You can also enter Elaina’s ongoing contests by visiting her website – click here to learn more.

Elaina, I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to have you here today. Thanks so much for your generous giveaway! Readers, good luck, and I can’t wait to hear your stories, so bring ’em on. *grins*