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Thrilling new romantic suspense! Click image for several electronic formats, including PDF and Kindle/Nook files.

TIDE OF LIES is *now available* from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Noble Romance! And for the scoop on the unsolved murders leading to the lies, check out FAMILIAR LIGHT, on sale for $1.50.

In this six, Holden is about to confront the killer. There’s a team of law enforcement on the ground, but Holden isn’t wasting any time. The opening line is that of a senior officer, right after Holden says he’s going in.

Content warning: explicit language.

“Have you lost your damn mind?”

“Trust me, Clancy. He’s waiting.” Holden moved to slip from the car.

Clancy grabbed Holden’s arm and drew him to an abrupt stop. “That’s my fucking point.”

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