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ARGH! So many spoilers near the end of this book! (I’ve had to skip a lot, lol). Last week Holden found out who had Julia, and now the heat is on. He’s just arrived at the spot he’s convinced harbors the woman he loves … and a cold-blooded killer.

(BLEEP)’s house, a modest cottage two blocks in from the ocean, was meticulous . . . and horribly at rest. Whatever Holden expected, it wasn’t the quiet “normal” of daily life on an unsuspecting street, but there was little else to describe the secret hamlet. It lounged in the bright sun, a decorative flag holding court among a line of hanging baskets teeming with summer blooms. There was no lawn—this close to the ocean, landscaping consisted of little more than shifting sand—but a border of sea grasses swished along each edge of the concrete drive.

The absurd irony of a murderer inside those picturesque walls was sick. Horribly sick.

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