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Don’t let the title fool you: Christine Warner’s debut release SOME LIKE IT IN HANDCUFFS isn’t hardcore. To the contrary, this delightful romantic suspense, full of unforgettable humor, absolutely sizzles with a slow, sensual burn and characters who positively leap from the page.

Sunny Kennedy’s off-the-record investigation of a cold case murder takes a heated turn when she’s hauled to the police station in handcuffs, her only crime being  a woman in a family full of men. Her father and brothers—all police detectives—want her off the case, but she’d determined to seek justice for a man who still grieves the loss of his daughter, years after her death. Her brothers think she’s asking for trouble and won’t be able to handle herself when the aforementioned trouble arrives. She’s not on board with their assessment, but to appease the manfolk—and ensure her access to police records—she agrees to work with Judson Blackwolf, a behemoth detective in a hot bod with baggage of his own.

Judson already lost one partner on a case, so when Sunny insists on keeping her undercover gig tending bar, neck deep in murder suspects, he insists otherwise. But Judson gets a fast taste of Sunny’s dogged determination when she sneaks off to work anyway. Not to be outdone—or outsmarted—he shows up, playing the ex who can’t let her go—a stint that quickly leads to real fireworks. As the tension heats up, so do those protective instincts, and before they know it, threads of real emotion have them both tied in knots.

The suspense is thick, suspects plentiful. It’s not often the reader is genuinely enamored with the purported bad guy, but with a couple of great twists it’s hard to know who to suspect . . . or who to trust. Sunny’s close interaction with the major players might skew her judgment, or does it? Judson’s objectivity is a nice balance to her belief in the prime suspect’s innocence, the banter fast and furious when Judson questions her defense of a man who has for years carried the burden of presumed guilt.

And just when you think you have it all figured out, you better think again. The truth is definitely in the details, and even down to the wire, things aren’t always what they seem, and sometimes help comes from the most surprising places.

Christine Warner’s debut release delivers with a feisty heroine and a hero who proves to be her ultimate match. Packed with breathtaking suspense, sizzling with sensuality,  and doused in humor, SOME LIKE IT IN HANDCUFFS is a must read for lovers of romance and suspense.