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I don’t ordinarily create a new post to announce winners of my giveaways. (If you didn’t know, I update the post and comment section, then contact the winner via email). But this time — *this* time — I just had to. You know why? Because you guys Blew. Me. Away. (Okay, so you got that from the title, but let me tell you why.)

Six days.

Almost 300 entries.

Nearly 1100 hits on the *direct* link.

(Yeah, so that means almost 800 people say the contest, went “meh,” and went on without entering. We’ll ignore that staggering statistic for now, mkay?)

And the Winner is . . .

I know you want to know, but there’s a story with this. I use random.org for my giveaways, and naturally random.org chose a winner over halfway through the list. The kids interrupted me about three times while I was counting, necessitating that I had to start over. Then the computer froze on me while I was counting-and-scrolling, requiring yet another do-over. Um, twice. So needless to say, this was one hard-won giveaway, but we do have a winner. And the winner is . . .


Congratulations Stacey! And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to *everyone* who entered. I am humbled by the comments, the excitement, and the personal notes you all left. You guys freaking rock, but you knew that already, right? *grin* I just want to make sure you know *I* know how awesome you are, and how much  I truly appreciate your warmth and support.

I’d also like you all know I will continue to open my own giveaways to international peeps (with one existing exception, listed below). And because my upcoming FTMP books will release in paperback, you can look forward to *many* more *international* print giveaways. SQUEE! And if you want to score BIG, be sure to subscribe by email.

Are you an email subscriber? Here’s why you should be!

1. Subscribers are automatically entered in my weekly gift card giveaways to score either a $10 gift certificate to Noble Romance or $5 to Amazon or Barnes & Noble. (Full details here.)

2. Subscribers will be the first to find out about new giveaways, which includes mine and that of my guests.

3. In most of my giveaways, if the winner is an email subscriber he or she will score an extra prize (usually a gift certificate — see individual giveaways for details).

See? Three fantastic reasons to subscribe! And meanwhile, if you are in the U.S. and you’d like another shot at a print copy of HAWTHORNE, check out my GoodReads giveaway. (I apologize to the international peeps on that one — I wanted to feel my way through one giveaway before I crossed the border, lol.)

Thanks again for your wonderful support. I hope your day is every bit as fantastic as you’ve made mine to be. xoxo!